Thursday, March 16, 2017

New England Patriots - Holy Crap!

Well, this post is over a month late, but it needs to be here on our blog.

The New England Patriots are World Champions again!!

Patriots vs. Falcons in the 51st edition of the Super Bowl and man...the first half of this contest was not SUPER for the Pats. It was SUPER DUPER for the Falcons though.

We all know what happened, it's there on video as proof.

There were tens of thousands who saw it live, at the stadium; witnesses.

There were hundreds of millions watching in disbelief on television and internet.

But the telling thing is that there were players on both sidelines whispering, hoping, dreading, believing...

 From the Pats' huddle:

"We got Tom Brady",
"He's the greatest, hands down",
"You gotta believe",
"Let's GO!!", 

**Please go and watch any NFL Films production about the game to enjoy the Mic'd up versions of the highlights.

Some were rightfully wary of an offense led by #12. Others were likewise aware of the greatness and history of Brady, especially late in games, but still were confident and liked their chances. From the Falcons' sideline:

"It's Tom Brady though." "I know, I'm never comfortable, but we 'bout to put up 40 something on they ass. They ain't never seen nothing like this."

God, how prophetic by one Falcon and great little bit of confidence by the other Falcon. Tommy's not always gonna pull us through, but this time he did. And, I'm not one to give Tom all of the credit, although he tends to be the face of the team and the focal point of the offense. The entire team sucked the first half to be honest. It continued into and to the end of the third quarter although the defense certainly saved our butts several times after the half. But the first half, our players were out energied and out played and our coaches were out coached and out strategied.


The game is not a 45 minute game. It is not a contest of three quarters. THREE QUARTERS IS NOT A WHOLE!!!

As the mantra goes...60 minutes. Play for 60 minutes...and they did that, plus some.

Here are a couple links to some highlights, more for me to have close by as I watch highlights of this game, the Red Sox 2004 ALCS and World Series and the 2013 World Series as well, frequently!!

Sound FX

NFL Turning Point

Certainly photoshopped for now, but we'll unveil that 2016 championship banner soon!!!
Now, for the mathematicians or sequence analysts...this is a pretty simple one. Taking the Championships and their years that the Patriots have won the Super Bowl, predict the next World Championship...EASY!!!

2001, 2003, 2004, 2014, 2016, ????

One final thing...How wicked awesome was it to see Roger Goodell squirm??!! This one's for you Roger "Go-to-hell"!!!
How perfect is this meme!? Talkin' to you Rog!

Go Pats!!
Need this shirt!! Perfect, freakin' clown!
Everybody needs a hero...and every hero needs an arch-enemy...Brady played it cool in public, but Pats fans far and wide disseminated the message to Roger and his clown friends! See this walking ball-sack hear it from Patriots Nation after Super Bowl LI ;) in the links below.

From the fans in the stands -I'm sure the feeling is mutual ;)

Goodell boooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Time to breathe?

So, I took as much time away from posting to our blog as I took away from running this past year. I enjoyed neither. I want to run...I want to share our updates with family and friends.

Over the past few months:

Many family members and friends had babies. Congratulations!

We have a new president. I voted for nobody, but I wish him the best.

Aloha Home has filled up and lost tenants month to month. We're getting a good feel for occupancy, "revenue" and outgoing expenses monthly as well. Taxes need to be paid on the land, signage and rental income soon, so that will be another lesson that we learn and deal with on our way to being more comfortable knowing what to expect from our Project. Meaning that we need to know if we are going to be able to handle the loan payments monthly, for the next 8 years ;) Both of us being employed certainly helps. Can we survive if only one of us has a job? Not quite sure about that one yet...but again, we're keeping our eye on things and trying to find some sort of comfort level.

Pae is working hard as usual. She actually flew more than ever the past few months. She is handling it okay physically, but like other flight attendants, all of her friends, she is bothered by muscle/tendon injuries (overusage) and such. She works her way though those, but soldiers on month to month. I wish she could fly less sometimes. I know the day will come when she is ready to fly less or stop flying all together. Must prepare for that day because I want her to be able to stop the second she decides to stop; for her own health and happiness.

Bubble is doing well. He gets a haircut and a bath today during lunch.

I am still doing the Principal thing at my school. This last year (my first year as the principal) was rough for me as far as stress goes. Two days in the hospital back in June led to my 7+ month layoff from running. All of these problems coincide with me taking this stressful job ;) I think it will get better as I get more used to it.

I am also working more than ever on the weekends with the race timing company. There is a possibility that they train me as a timer soon. I'm currently doing a "coordinator" job which is mostly planning and executing the race as far as timing points and equipment are concerned. As a timer, the stress level would skyrocket, but it gives me more openings in the future as far as employment opportunities if I prove to be a good timer.

Software vs. Hardware is my big concern though. As a coordinator, I'm a hardware guy. The timers are software and a little bit of programing guys...I'm not proficient in any computer-type language ;) Let's see what happens.

The good thing about the part time job with the timing company is that I get to be around runners and I get to travel a little bit...even though the travel is horrible as far as the toll it takes on the body (no sleep for entire weekends followed by another week of the full time job the next week). I was pretty lucky to already be asked to go do races in Singapore and Laos. Mid-April they are sending me to the Maldives to do a marathon for 4 days. I know it's going to be a lot of work, but I couldn't turn the opportunity down to go to the Maldives and make a month's worth of part time money in one race ;)

A realization...I just spoke of "money" as being a motivation for my weekend work. If I honestly consider it, I can just teach private classes on the weekends and make more cash than by suffering through some of these races...but I don't like the tutoring...the race timing is better I think. Haha.

I hope to spend a little time during summer break (April basically) getting back on here and catching up with the past half year. A lot of the same as usual, but it's good to get it on the blog for "safe keeping". The memory isn't what it used to be you know ;)

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