Thursday, August 11, 2016

Pictures of our Kindergarten Mother's Day Boards

Happy Mother's Day (Thai Mother's Day)
The 12th of August is the Queen of Thailand's birthday and is also celebrated as the Thai Mother's Day.
 At school, we usually have some type of program in the morning for a few hours to let the mothers come in and have the students dance or sing for them ;) This year, for the younger levels, we (foreign side) expected and planned for and requested seats for 100 mothers. The Thais would only give us 50 chairs and said there were no more. Mothers started appearing from thin air and they brought grandmothers with them and the number easily reached 150 parents...with only 50 chairs provided to us..."all they had"...okay...but suddenly another 50+ chairs started appearing out of thin air ;) Funny how that works.
This year, our Kindergarten and Primary departments were each responsible for preparing a show on two different days; Wednesday and Thursday. Both shows went okay, but with kids, and the ultimate mother, Mother Nature, there will always be surprises.
Crying, wandering off mid-show, standing and staring at the parents' faces in the crowd and just taking forever to get staged and ready to go...Kindergartners are the toughest to see through their program. The Primary kids are much easier.
Most of the kindy kids look a little clueless to be honest ;) But there are a few who know what's going on and really enjoy themselves. You can really see the different levels of awareness in kids in these lower years. It's interesting to watch as they grow.
As for Mother Nature, we were fortunate that there was no rain, but this year it was wind gusts that got us. Our signs, flags, portrait of the queen and pretty much everything that wasn't fastened down fell victim to the wind.
After 8 of us offered these ceremonial "eggs" to the queen (portrait of the queen), I ended up standing behind the "stage" with both music teachers and both swimming teachers holding all of the props so they wouldn't fall on the heads of performers or parents. That was a long hour or two.
The Kindergarten teachers worked pretty hard putting together boards celebrating the occasion. They are super busy with projects at the moment actually. Mother's Day, Open house, ASEAN/Science Day...all of this is on their plates at the moment and they pulled the first of them off nicely.
Here are just some photos from the celebrations at school...I just took pictures of the boards with pictures of the kids and their mothers. Made me think of Mom Betsy as I had to give the welcoming speech for Kindergarten...made me miss Mom and home a little more than I normally do or realize that I do ;)
Happy Mother's Day!

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