Friday, August 12, 2016

Another issue during my weekly facilities check

I have previously shared a "Facilities" and "Safety" concern that was taken care of with electrical tape. I still laugh at that and it's still exactly like that to this day.

Later in the month, I was doing rounds again and noticed that there was an unguarded ladder leading from the gymnasium up to the roof of the school.

I actually climbed the ladder to check out the roof and it was just full of electric wires and electric boxes. Very dangerous for any fifth or sixth grader whose friends dare them to climb up on the roof.

From this picture, you can see the thick electrical wires that start at the high voltage box and run up to the upper roof and over to the electric poles. Also, there is another ladder up there that goes to the tippy top of the school...super dangerous with no rails or protection from falling.

I reported it to our facilities guys and they told me that normally it would have a guard on it. I vaguely remember having seen one there during last year's sixth grade graduation. I asked them to fix it as soon as possible because that is certainly one place I would have wanted to explore when I was a kid.

The last thing we want is for a kid, or even a teacher who is sneaking up there for a smoke, to slip and fall off of the school or to grab a power line and fry.

I went up later and found that it had been fixed or the guard had been found and reinstalled...well...three of the four bolts at least. I'm really glad that the swimming teacher and the P.E. teacher who do facilities duties are so helpful. I know who to go to to get things done around the school now, especially safety related things.

I could still climb this ladder, but if I tried and got electrocuted, I guess it would be my own fault as it's quite obvious (to me but not sure if it's obvious to a kid) that going up there is not allowed or dangerous.

Maybe I should have the school have signage made prohibiting usage of that ladder...some people have zero common sense.

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