Wednesday, July 20, 2016

That'll ought to do it

One of my responsibilities as the International Principal is to make sure that the school (the actual building, swimming pool, parking lot, etc.) is safe and in good repair. As such, I do a couple walkthroughs every week, usually when I'm looking for someone I need to talk to ;)

Over a month ago, I noticed that there was a hole in the wall in a first grade classroom that had wires hanging out of it. Now this is very dangerous in my book so I reported it to our facilities manager (the swimming teacher, haha). I told him what and where and even gave him several photos I took with my phone. He was surprised and told me that he would get the repair man to come fix it.

I went to the room last week to make sure that it had been taken care of and found what you see in the photo below. I actually laughed out loud when I saw it and of course took a photo. It was a laugh combined with a disapproving sigh, by the way.

If you look closely, it's not just funny that they covered the hole with electrical tape. What do you see?

What I found even funnier than the repair man's flawless taping of the hole, was his backup scotch tape on top of the electrical tape! OMG, that's some doggone redneck crap right there!!

I think I'll go into the room and throw some two-sided tape on there just for good measure! Hell, I think I have some magnetic tape in my drawer as well!!!

I'm not making fun of anybody and don't want anybody to get in trouble for this...actually, it may be seen as the most reasonable solution for some at the school who are required to do things at the cheapest cost possible at times. I haven't asked yet.

Also, usually half of the things I post to the blog, I have already partially shared on Facebook. I think I'll not post this to Facebook as I have too many coworkers on there and it might look bad for our swimming teacher ;) or even me if the problem isn't PROPERLY taken care of before a kid is licking walls and happens across this shock hazard area!! On second thought...I think that electrical tape oughta do the the case of licking that is ;)

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