Saturday, July 2, 2016

My Last Group of Sixth Graders?

This year may be the last year that I teach, but then again, it may not. There is really no telling what the school has in store for us or me specifically.

The International Principal role takes up so much of my time with preparations, communications, observations, interviews, coordination...pretty much everything you can think of and then lots of things that you (and even I) wouldn't expect. So, there is no "routine" for me, so to speak.

The only thing that is routine is my arrival at campus. I arrive around 7:30 and clock in. If I'm lucky, I've made it to the third floor Teachers' Room without being delayed. Open the door to the room, to set up my computer, pour a cup of coffee, say hello to all of the teachers...but before I can even sit down, before I can get my backpack off of my shoulders, I'm bombarded with the problems that will become half of my day's work. THAT is pretty routine ;)

I'm not complaining, it is what it is and I've grown to expect it. Sometimes, on a Monday morning, I forget what's on the other side of the door and cheerfully, wanting to start the school week off with a positive feeling. I open the door..."Ahhhhh! Guy! I have a problem!" Hahaha! Like clockwork!! Love it!

This year, my teaching hours have been cut so that I can concentrate on the IP responsibilities. I have eight contact hours weekly and to be honest, it's turning out to be a lot. I'm not sure if they'll still have me teaching next year or not. For me, I don't care really. I think that if i didn't teach, I'd miss it. I'd miss the daily interaction with the students. If I do end up teaching, I know I'll be busy with IP stuff as well as the preparation, grading, assessing and reporting that goes along with teaching.

Again, not a complaint, just an observation with an eye towards next year.

Whatever the case may be, I thought I'd throw a couple collages up of my current sixth graders. I have 35 in total in two separate classes.
Starting at the top, left to right: Mook, Milk, First, TenTen, Prach, Khaoklong, Thun, Tongkao, Pheem, Khunwang, Vanda, May, Prim, Punchty, Tony (Formerly known as Harry), Yok, Satang, Meen, Jeehye, and Yours truly
Above is my first group of sixth graders. They are a pretty good mix of boys and girls which is not normal. Usually I have a girl heavy group of kids one year and the next year a boy heavy group will come up from fifth grade. There is a lot of ability in this class, some of them have tapped into their potential but others are just going with the flow and doing the minimum allowed (which here means they can get away with doing squat).
CJ, Gwang, Pao, Prae, Khimmy, Camp, Cheer, Dream, Pop, Smart, Simone, Tah (Ninja), Gee, PunPun, Prem, and the dungeon keeper
And, my second group. These ones can really get under your skin, but they're just kids. There seems to be no "in between" in this group. They are either top of the class...or...rock bottom of the group. That said, a few of the rock bottom students have shown some progress this year.

So, these kids will be gone next year, off to high school (high school starts at seventh grade here). It remains to be seen if I'll get the new sixth graders or if they will have a new teacher for that level and leave me to my principal duties ;)

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