Monday, July 18, 2016

Buddhist Ceremony Blessing Aloha Home

We've mentioned the Buddhist ceremony that has to be done when a new structure is completed and before people move in. Usually it's done for actual homes before the family moves in. I'm not sure that it is any different for an apartment complex.
Uncle gave us a Buddha statue as a gift :)
The monks came and gave a blessing with chants and then we fed them and gave them envelopes with money (donations) inside. As Pae and I are the owners, we joined directly in the actual ceremony. It was really tough on the ankles and knees ;)

It was a quick ceremony and after the monks ate and the main monk went to each floor to give each floor blessings by chanting and putting marks on or above the door of a room on each floor. It was cool to be a part of and cool to see. It certainly keeps the monks busy between weddings, home opening ceremonies, funerals and other things like that ;)
Here is another photo of the blessing ceremony. Pae and I, Mom and Dad and most of the family attended with a few other invited guests. No more than 40 people, so it was nice and cozy and laid back, just the way we like things.
After the ceremony, Aloha Home would be ready to be occupied from a religious/superstition standpoint. There is still a lot of work to be done, but we're almost there.

There is still a lot of work to be done before people can start moving in. We have had several people call and ask and also referrals from other apartments in the area that are full. The only thing holding us back now is waiting for the place to be livable. The rush to finish is pushed by the fact that universities start in August and students are just coming back to town and looking for apartments to live at. We're cutting it really close.

In true kid fashion, the girls all went into our "show" room and built a fort out of the boxes that held the refrigerator and television ;) The air conditioner in the room was nice and cool and it seemed to hold up to a bunch of crazy kids! The show room is one that has all of the furniture and electronics already installed. We are waiting for the rooms to be more complete and cleaned before we have the rest of the rooms completed with furniture, etc.
All floors are now officially blessed ;) They make these marks on homes, new offices, new cars, taxis, everything! It's something you will notice often if you are new to Thailand. 
After all of the guests and Monks had left, we went straight back to planning. We had to decide on where to put the eight CCTV cameras for best coverage on the property, how to best block the sun from the mini-mart and which direction to place the smoke hood for the small restaurant on the first floor. I think when we left, we had some ideas but no solid decisions had been made.
The funny thing is that now that we will be heading back to Bangkok, we won't actually be on hand for the first tenant to move in, or even by the time there are a significant number of people living there. The next time we might be able to go there is October possibly and New Years holiday is also possible depending on schedules. What we mainly have to concentrate on is working hard and paying off that loan ;)

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mardenheyjude said...

Guy and Pae; What a great job you and your family have done to prepare the Aloha home for occupants. Now that it has been blessed you are set to go. Thanks for sharing this part of your life's journey with me. Love always, Auntie

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