Saturday, July 2, 2016

Apartment Update- Sliding Glass Doors and Soggy Gooey DIrt

As I mentioned in a previous post, Pae is back home for a wedding. One of her flight attendant friends is getting married, so lots of the girls flew to the wedding this weekend. While waiting for Sunday, Pae has been meeting with P'Pong and P'Neung, talking about little things, making decisions of little things and going to the bank to deal with loan things. Lots of things!!

I'm going to leave some pictures here of things that she sent back to me, since I'm still in Bangkok.
The "rolldowns" of the "minimart" are cream color. In our color scheme examples, they were colored colors to match the other colors of the building. P'Pong just told us that it has to remain cream color and can't be painted. That sucks, but it'll look great, just not exactly as we were planning.
The apartment is looking fine. It has a coat of primer on the front and is just waiting for the final decision on the color scheme. I think we're getting pretty close to that decision. It has to be made before Pae comes home ;)
They started laying some cement (three meters from the apartment) today. Pae and Dad were there to watch a little and take some photos.
They not only poured cement in front of the apartment, but behind as well. I'm sure the neighbor had their eyes on the workers, looking for any misstep that they could complain about or try to get compensation for ;)
You will notice that the back of the building has already been painted. The color of the paint is called "Flint" and is the same color that we plan to paint the hand rails on the front. Basically grey.
Before they can do any more cement for the parking lot, far right of our property, they need to remove all of the old dirt and junk that is currently laying there.
Not sure when that will happen. Truthfully, we're not even sure if the parking "structure" will be finished by the time people start moving in. We really didn't want to pave the whole rest of the property. We love green, we love plants, but the soil that is there is sticky clay that gets really nasty when it rains. That forced us to have to cement the whole thing. We'll have small trees or something along the wall, behind the parking cover, but for now, that's all we will be able to do as far as green goes.
Frosted sliding doors lead from the room to the "balcony/bathroom"
About tenants...the security guy from the apartment across from us and down one lot came by and told dad that ten people have recently come to him and asked if there were any open rooms...there is demand. That is good ;)
Windows and doors are looking great
The surprise of the day came when Pae went to pick up some girls at the airport who came for tomorrow's wedding. They brought a gift for Aloha Home ;)
**It could be a gift for the happy couple getting married tomorrow, haha, I haven't spoken to Pae yet..I just saw it online and it certainly looks like it's for Aloha Home. Wouldn't that be embarrassing! Well, I'm putting the photo here anyway! So much for fact checking!
It would be nice as a wedding gift too. I remember we got several wooden ships from guests when we got married!! Two to be exact.
She's coming along nicely. No more than a month and we should be able to open for business. Wish us luck! I am confident that Aloha Home will be a nice little place for people to call home. Eventually we will be able to move back home as well and be able to take care it on a daily basis and be more involved than we have been up to this point.

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