Saturday, July 2, 2016

Apartment Update- Poopy and the Beast

Sorry, but I just had to share ;) Our bathrooms now have toilets installed. Aloha Home now has pooability!!
Pae is presently back home for a wedding and has been to the construction site. She will be finalizing some things such as paint scheme with P'Pong today. We think that we can have the building painted by mid-July and we should be able to move people into rooms Early August! There will still be unfinished work on the driveway and parking lot, but that all depends on if we can get a good break in the rain.

Exciting, scary...lots of unknown factors that come as they come and we deal with them as well as we can. Right now, our two biggest "problems" are 1) Rain has slowed the work and 2) The next door apartment owner is "harassing" P'Pong about the effect the construction is having on her apartment.

Rain...the workers just have to wait it out. The difficult part is that they are paid by the day, not by the job. So, if P'Pong calls them in to do some job that should take 8 hours, but it rains after 4 hours, they have to come finish the next day...double payment ;) P'Pong is managing everything beautifully, at least from where I'm sitting it seems like it :)

Neighbor...if you remember, her building is all kinds of illegally built based on property laws and statutes. We are just listening to her complaints now and waiting for our building to be completed and occupied. Once that happens, she can complain all she wants. I guess we can have someone from the government office stop by and see if there is anything wrong with OUR building vs. HER building. It sucks to have a problem with the neighbor before the building is even finished. It's always best to have a happy neighborhood ;)

Hopefully Aloha Home will bring some happiness to that neighborhood...our neighborhood!

Oh! Almost forgot, WE HAVE AN ADDRESS! Aloha Home has officially been given a street address. I won't share the address here, for obvious reasons, but even something as tiny as having a real address assigned by the city is quite exciting for us.

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