Sunday, July 17, 2016

Apartment Update July 15

I made it back home and met up with Pae who had been there taking care of some business for a few days already. I dropped Bubble off at the babysitter then hopped on my Nok Air flight. I got to the airport way early and discovered a food court that I didn't know existed and had some awesome Mango smoothie action...and Burger King ;)
I arrived back home to the Toyota Fortuner waiting for me at arrivals, Pae and family in the SUV. Yay! We drove towards home but had to pick up a bigger and better sign to attach to Aloha Home for advertising. The old one was like 1.5 meters by 2 meters. This one must be 2.5 meters by 3 meters! Pretty huge and only cost 800 baht to have printed!
Eventually we made it to the construction site. I walked around with Pae and Dad and took a few pictures. Today's update will have lots of photos taken from the far end of the building, rarely seen in previous updates ;) This one (above) is from the second floor looking out towards the road. It shows how much cement we've had laid so far for the parking lot. The cement will go all the way to the wall and have a cover to protect about 12 cars and 10 mopeds.
Another photo from the second floor looking towards the temple. This temple is a crematorium. Buddhists burn their dead and this is where that is performed. This might be a little disconcerting to some potential tenants. We had to take this into consideration when deciding to purchase the land and continue with the project. We think it will be fine. Only time will tell though.
Another view from the back of the property. We decided to brighten the Marina (blue) and change the Water Sprite (pastel green) to a brighter color as well. Things are pretty fluid and changing as plans and blueprints become actual touchable, see-able parts of the building.
Another temple view photo. Now that the cement of the parking lot is down and the other part of the land is muddy from the recent rain, all of the construction material is staged at the end here. There are actually workers staying in the lower rooms at the end during the work day as well.
As mentioned above, we got a bigger, better sign for Aloha Home. Here is Pae holding it up as we are about to hang it from the frame of part of the mini-mart.
I do believe that this is also NEVER BEFORE SEEN footage of Aloha Home ;) I was excited to take this photo, although I could have done without the mosquitoes that were feasting on my ankles and knees. See below for a short video that I took of the same.
The place still needs a lot of painting, the paint that is done already is just an initial coat and for us to be able to make final decisions or changes on color.
This looks much better than the smaller one. Placing it at the front of the mini-mart for now lead to a lengthy discussion on how to shade the mini-mart from the afternoon sun. And when I talk about afternoon sun, I'm talking about 40+ degrees Celsius during the summer and super direct sunshine. We're still discussing those options. Another thing that needs to be decided is on a smoke hood for the restaurant that will be there, run by P'Nut, Pae's brother and sister-in-law P'Ying.
Hat to get to bed early as the next day was the Buddhist ceremony to officially bless the place! That post will quickly follow! Looking good so far! Aloha!

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