Sunday, July 3, 2016

Apartment Update- The Colors of Aloha?

Pae is coming home tonight. Yay.

She had a very productive trip back home , even though she went for a wedding, she was able to hold some crunch meetings with P'Pong and the family concerning some loose ends. Now that she has tied these loose ends, certain parts of the construction can continue.

Before Pae left here, we sat and decided some basic color combos that we liked. We were unsure of some of the colors and how they looked in reality compared to the mock ups that P'Pong sent to us. Pae found the actual color palates and sat down with P'Pong and decided on what colors to use for the design. Just for the record, here are the colors ;)

PLATINUM- The color of the major part of the building, front and sides. The back is painted a different color.
FLINT- The back of the building is painted Flint, which is a darker grey. They did this a long time ago as we needed to get it painted quickly, hadn't decided on colors and because nobody is really ever going to see this side of the building as it is about 1.5 meters away from the neighbor's apartment building. The handrails of the stairwell as well as the walkway handrails will also be painted Flint.

MARINA- Two of the decorative rectangles will be colored Marina, a nice medium blue color that we both like. We are still not sure if there will be a Marina color square on the street-facing side of the building, we are having a hard time figuring out if it's worth making it stick out (3D) from the wall at the extra expense. P'Pong and P'Neung are designing it, they will give us a cost, then we will decide.
WATER SPRITE- Another of the decorative parts of the building will be this pastel green color called Water Sprite. It took the place of Misty Cove as was previously pictured. Getting a feel of Aloha yet? Greens and blues, the land and the ocean. Grey? Well, there's always a 50% chance of rain in Hawaii ;)
BURNISHED SUN- And what is Hawaii without the sun? Burnished Sun took the place of Vanilla to brighten things up a little bit decoratively. "To burnish: to polish, make sparkle, make bright, shine".

Now, that's the Hawaii I know, because even though there's a 50% chance of rain almost everyday...the flip side is that there is a 75% chance of SUN!!! What the what??? Yup, that's right...How many times was I rained on when living in Hawaii, when there seemed to be no clouds in the sky? Often enough to where 75% + 50% = 100%
Pae also picked out curtains with mom. We couldn't really decide together but the result is nice. The hoop style curtain that we wanted was too expensive but more than that, they were not machine washable, which made it an easy decision to choose the pleated ones instead.
We went with the white curtain rods as well. The rooms will be painted white, so this will just blend in with the wall and not be too noticeable. I think it's going to look nice!
Can't wait for Pae to get home. I should actually be getting on the road towards the airport right about now! More updates coming.


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