Sunday, June 19, 2016

Two Nights in Bangkok?

Anne has come and gone already, back in the states. But while she was here in Thailand, Pae and I made every effort to get out and see her. Anne came to Bangkok near the end of her trip after having spent a day here at the beginning as well. The first time through, Pae was unable to see her, but this time we both had some time and we made the most of it.
Late night, live music, family and a great atmosphere. Khao San Road, here in Bangkok has not been a place we have frequented, but going there with Anne turned out to be one of our best choices. Allowed us to relax, chat and just hang out.

The first day we got to see Anne, we went to Wat Arun or "Temple of Dawn". Pae and I had been there before and I was always impressed by it. We got to the river, looked across to the temple and it was covered in scaffolding, under renovation...but we crossed and walked around anyway ;)

So across the Chao Phraya River we went on a 3 baht ferry. While crossing, I remembered that some of this stuff all around us, after ten years here, seems pretty ordinary, but to Anne, it must still be pretty interesting or different. Anne is well travelled though from the military to her civilian adventures, so perhaps barges slowly  creeping up the river and longtails buzzing by with their fares taking in the view was old hat ;) 
I guess with any trip to an Asian country you'll run into the Buddhist monks sometime during the day. Of course, that means taking a picture of them as well ;)

I believe this is taken of Wat Pho from outside of the temple. Wat Pho is the location of a giant Reclining Buddha.  Actually, it is named "temple of the reclining Buddha"

After a long day outside, what could be better than fresh watermelon smoothies at the market?

So here is the Reclining Buddha, but the guy who took the photo for us was in a rush and all of the pix that he took are blurry. It's okay, the Buddha is the main part of the photo anyway.

Steep steps inside of Wat Arun. These photos are slightly out of order...I did something wrong when uploading them to the Blogger interface earlier ;)

Anne and the Head part of the Reclining Buddha. It was seriously so big. I have been here for almost 10 years and had never been to see inside of the Temple. Even for a local, I was quite impressed with the Reclining Buddha. Now I have a "go-to" place to take people who visit us here in Bangkok!

Temple silhouette photos are always nice ;)

Inside some of the temples here (especially the tourist attraction ones) is the Buddha. This particular one is very well maintained and quite impressive.
Obviously one of my favorite photos from our time with Anne ;)
Dessert at a newish Korean Snow Ice place, Pat Bingsu they call it in Korea, Shave Ice in Hawaii, but this has such fine, powdery ice that it's different than anything I've ever had in either place, Korea or Hawaii...Yummy!

And of course, the obligatory photo with the street food vendors. I could actually go for some deep fried anything right now!!
We had a great time hanging out with Anne. We talked a lot about this and that and basically caught up on life in general. It's only the second time we've really had visitors here; Dad Carl for our wedding five years ago and now Anne. Pretty par for the course really as far as how often I have seen family members since leaving home as an 18 year old ;)

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