Sunday, June 19, 2016

Random things

Here are a couple random things that I took photos of the past few months. Nothing spectacular, but things that made me actually take my camera out and snap a shot.

Three less toenails at the end of May than at the beginning. Not really sure why everybody thinks this is gross ;)
A furniture shop burned down late one night near home and near an apartment where many of my teachers live. I ran over in my slippers at 1 in the morning to see if their building was affected. They were all fine. Several actually slept through all the commotion.

This pack of meaty heaven is lovingly called a "Happy Meal". Pae will bring one back every few months when she flies to Chiang Mai. It's filled with fermented pork, Northern sausages, Isaan sausages, fried pork and pork ribs...what you see in this photo is the top layer!! There is a matching layer underneath! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!
Not three days after I had to remind my teachers that we needed to be careful about leaving food laying around in our common room, I found this corn, with a bite taken out of it, on top of a computer terminal. I sent a sarcastic email telling them that I found something belonging to one of them and that they could come claim it from my desk...I attached this photo. Sad thing was that one teacher emailed me and apologized and claimed it...turned out she had a very very bad week and my sarcastic email made her feel even worse. I'm still learning.

I don't particularly care too much for the police force here. Perhaps I'm comparing them too much to what I expect from living in the west for my whole life...But, anytime I see them piggybacking on their copper bikes, I can't help but smile.
This guy was blocking three lanes of traffic...fully loaded and his back tire assembly is blown and off of the rig.

Apparently the AC thermostats in our Science Lab are taped to the wall with duct tape!

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