Sunday, June 26, 2016

Paint Job?

We have decided on some basic color schemes for Aloha Home, but still not 100%. Being in different cities, it's difficult to sit down and discuss colors, paints, and the small details of what something is going to look like once it's all painted.

Looking at color swaths from a paint store or on a website is just way too difficult to get an idea of something so large being painted multiple colors.
For now, we are going with grey as the main building color and some pastels for the design on the "face" of the apartment.

P'Pong has given us some examples of what certain color schemes might look like and here they are...
The above diagram is just showing the main colors, as an example, that P'Pong put together based on some of the ideas that were floated around in our online discussions. We made some adjustments to the original design of the rectangular designs on the "face" of the apartment. See below for the original design. We didn't like the two "legs" on the left side of the first floor. We told P'Pong and he did away with them.
I want to say that the next design is similar to what it will end up looking like, but perhaps with a brighter color main color, which in this picture looks grey/white. Originally the designs on the face were supposed to only be on the face, but we suggested that it be extended to the road-facing side too, where the name of the apartment is, so it would look like a box.
There is probably going to be a lot of changes in colors in the end, but this is a basic idea of what it will look like, minus the Audis parked in the parking lot ;)
This last one is probably the one I like the most. It looks a little beige or cream color, but I'm told it is still the same grey, just at a different time of day, different lighting. Also, the rolldown doors of the minimart are beige at the moment. not sure if we would be able to paint them blue..although I like it.
Can't wait to see what it finally looks like. I'm not too enthused about the quality of workmanship of Thai painters (blog post in the works?), but I'm sure it'll look great!

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