Monday, June 13, 2016

Pae's McDreamy II

I was at a race, working, last weekend and I ran into a Thai actor who just happens to be Pae's "first boyfriend". I had always wanted to meet one of her many Thai celebrity boyfriends and take a photo with them ;)  This was a big surprise for me and P'Ken was nice enough to take this really short video with me, for Pae, before he was whisked away to shoot a commercial spot or marketing spot during the event. I guess you could say I was a little star struck ;) **In the video he says hello to Pae (in Thai) giggle giggle.
Dude was way taller than he looks on television. One of his dramas was popular when I first came to Thailand. He is a nice guy, married with a few kids and has been able to stay out of the negative tabloids. I'm assuming it's because he's just a nice guy!
I was very happy that I had this opportunity and that he was so willing to say hello to Pae on my video...after we figured out how to make my camera phone work. He is, after all, Pae's Mr. McDreamy ;)

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