Sunday, June 19, 2016

"Let's just hope the school doesn't burn down"

So, the first few weeks as the International Principal, after the students returned from holiday, came and went. Nobody died.

For one whole week at the beginning of the semester, the Thai Principal and her Vice Principal had to go attend a week-long seminar/workshop. They basically left me in charge of the school. Talk about a little bit of stress for the first month of a new position, haha!!

I joked with people at school, "Let's hope the school doesn't burn down." It didn't, yay, and as previously mentioned, nobody died.

The funny thing is that we had a twenty minute downpour out of nowhere and the school walkways were flooded. I got to school and had to start doing some squeejy action so the arriving kids and parents wouldn't bust their heads after slipping. No problem, once the janitors caught a clue, they rushed into action on our five floors of danger areas.
Not thirty minutes into my first period class the ceiling tiles of the school near the parking lot got wet and collapsed on a parent's car and another car belonging to one of our teachers.
The parent wasn't very happy and sat there waiting for the school's insurance people and her car insurance people to arrive. What do you say to somebody when the building falls on their car?! Again, the Thai principal wasn't there to handle this parent. Fun.
Got to a point where I thought that situation was taken care of and I go up to teach my next class and notice that the ceiling is leaking near our kindergarten and it may just collapse like the car parking area. Had to block it off and eventually pull down the soggy ceiling tiles and have them replaced.
So yeah, the school didn't burn down, but it sure tried its best to collapse around us!!

We survived. Deep breath...and exhale...

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