Sunday, June 26, 2016

International Children's Day at school

We found out earlier in June that International Children's Day had passed but one of our other campuses was putting on an activity to celebrate with their kids. That translates to we have to do the activity too ;)
This is a lot of our teachers after the activity finished...many had left to teach already
As it was International Children's Day, it ended up being a lot of fun games for the kids to play before their classes and a photo booth for them to take pictures with some super heroes and their parents. Our kindergarten would participate but the primary would not. As such, our kindergarten teachers took charge and prepared in one week's time; an accomplishment in itself!
There were games such as knocking down cups with balls, wheel of fortune and throwing the hoop over a cone. Considering the age of the kids, ages 3-5, there was nothing too mind blowing or involved.
In celebration of the special day, I've decided to just throw up some photos I've taken from the first semester of our children at school. Most of whom I teach as they are the ones I know.
Until this year, I had pretty much ignored out kindergarten. Two years ago the whole kindergarten program moved to our campus from their building 500 meters away. Suddenly there were small rats running around, underfoot all day every day. This photo is of some of the older kindergartners during nap time. I often find myself jealous of them...I wish I could just take a nap in the middle of every day!!
This is one of my sixth grade sections. I teach two total. Normally, I would be teaching four to five total sections of fourth to sixth graders, but with the International Principal role, I have to take on less teaching. I seriously need to have zero teaching hours next year! I'd miss the kids and the interaction, but the IP job is three jobs at once.
Sometimes when I'm waiting for the class to prepare their books or worksheets, the ones who are ready already will gather around and try to steal my phone or iPad and try to guess the password. The only way I used to be able to get rid of them was to turn on the camera and take their pictures (the girls at least, they hate their pictures taken). Not sure what's up with this class, but they ham for the camera any chance they get.
Hmmm, wonder where they get that from? This is a photo taken while waiting for the cameraman to come (iphone cameraman) and take a photo of our class

Foreign teacher (Teacher Guy) and Thai teacher (Teacher Gai) are the teachers for this section of sixth graders. I've been here ten years almost and she's been here longer than me. We've been paired only three or four times in those years. She is one of the stricter teachers with the students, but they like her. Our names are pronounced the same, so it's confusing sometimes.

Teacher Malcolm came back to the school after studying in Scotland for the past year or so. The kids were very happy to see him. He had taught at our school for nearly fifteen years before continuing his education back home.
School isn't only about the students and the children though. The International Principal role keeps me busy taking care of the teachers and parents as well. Not sure yet which one is more difficult or more demanding. Coaching seminar was a half day away from the students with the bosses.
I was watching the TV series "The Flash" today and someone said, "It's not as much one damn thing after another as every damn thing all at once." That is the International Principal role in one sentence sometimes!!

And with that thought, I'll put this video of where I can go near the end of the school day if I need a mini beach trip in the middle of the city. The place where I can go to hear the sound of the water and have a mini window that looks away from the stresses of the teaching, coaching, managing, leading, caring; swim practice at our pool outside of the cafeteria.

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