Friday, June 24, 2016

Hua Hin March 2016

We have two basic places where we go for a random weekend every now and then, Pattaya and Hua Hin, both beach cities situated on either side of the Gulf of Thailand. We frequent these two places mostly because they have hotels that allow pets. We would travel more extensively throughout Thailand if it was easier to bring pets.

We generally stay at the Ibis Hotel that has a "pets free" policy. Not the nicest hotel in the world, but it suits our needs perfectly and both, in Pattaya and in Hua Hin, are conveniently located. Therefore, I can say that the Ibis Hotel IS the best hotel for us!!

This week both Pae and I had some time off and decided to take a few days down at the beach at Hua Hin. Other than a night market, random statues, temples and a train station, it seemed that we had exhausted all touristy "activities" in Hua Hin. This time down, we just wanted to hit the beaches and chill and try to find good food ;) Last time we were there was with BunBun and Bubble exactly a year ago.

Other than being there together, one highlight for me was finding a small bakery/cafe that has the most simple yet tasty salami sandwiches. Salami, Italian bread, cucumbers, onions...that's tasty!

We hit the same beaches as we did last time, it was a good time. I brought my running shorts and shirt because I wanted to spend a little time running the beaches. Once we got there and unpacked our bags, I realized that I had forgotten my running shoes! Haha! Good job, Guy!!

I did end up curious while sitting on the beach as the beach appeared to be a good 5-6 km long. We were near one end of the beach and I estimated that it was about 1,500 meters to the end, so 3km round trip. Even though I didn't have shoes, I decided to give the beach a try, barefooted. I estimated that I should be able to run the round trip in about 15 minutes.

I took off, wind to my back, and made it about 1.6km to the end of the beach, really fast too. Then I turned around and took the wind straight in the face and labored back to our beach towel where Mommy and Bubble were hanging out. It took me over 16 minutes, but it was also more than 3km.

It was a nice run, saw lots of dead fish up and down the beach, lots of shells and rocks. The part that was not good was that the sand acted like sand paper on my toes!! Raw skin and blisters in my longer toes from them digging into the wet sand every step. It was quite hot as well, but the sea breeze and being wet helped to cool things off quite a bit.
Pae and I took turns going into the water while the other kept an eye on Bubble. We did both try to go in the water at the same time once, but Bubble just went crazy barking. We didn't want to disturb other beach goers, so we just kept taking turns instead.

We missed BunBun as we went to different beaches. This was our last trip together, the four of us, last year.
Bun always just chilled at the beach
Our last day in Hua Hin, we went to Hat Sai Noi, same as last year. This time at Hat Sai Noi there was a Chinese film production team filming something up on the rocks at one end of the beach. I ended up walking up to the temple at the top of that hill and taking some photos. We spent much of the day just hanging out on the beach.

The waves were pretty strong. It was strong enough that I worried when Pae went in the water and worried when I saw a ten year old kid being pushed around by the current. He was fine and Pae was fine also, no problems at all. Maybe just my weakling body and chicken legs that were struggling in the current when I was out there ;)

A new attraction in Hua Hin is a monument to the Kings of Thailand, called Rajabhakti Park. When I first saw it on a website (things to do in Hua Hin type website) it just looked like a boring line of statues and I didn't even consider visiting it.

But we noticed it on the right side of the road when we were taking a left to go to the beach one day and boy was it actually quite big. We decided to go nearer to evening so we didn't have to stand in the sun. The statues were pretty okay individually, but looking at them as a group, as one giant piece of art slash monument slash memorial, they were magnificent. Kinda like Mt. Rushmore perhaps ;)
I'll just leave a bunch of pictures of their Majesties right here ;)
I'll have to spend some time giving more information about these gentlemen, their Majesties ;) but for now, I'll just leave the photos as a teaser. Notice the size of the people in the foreground...The statues are pretty big.
And I leave you with is four minutes of pretty much nothing but Bubble running in the distance. But I've put it to some Harry Connick Jr. music, so that's a bonus ;) Again, this video is just three clips, a photo and an mp3 of Harry...nothing that's gonna win an Oscar for editing or anything. And it's more for Pae and I to look at because I guess it's our experience and probably is more special for us...again, it's a dog running in the distance, haha ;)

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