Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Do you peel a Durian??

Pae and I were shopping a week or two back and noticed that the price of durian, a local fruit, was much cheaper if you bought it whole rather than already peeled. Obviously when you pay the cheaper price, you are paying also for the peel.
The price fluctuates. 129 baht a few weeks ago, 149 baht last night
We were curious how close the price would be to the price of the peeled durian, so we decided to choose one and buy it. Unluckily for us, the man who peels them (do you peel a durian? husk it? hmmm) had gone home already.
Fast forward to last night. We decided to go again and see if the durian was still on sale. We got there but again the man had gone home. (Note to self:: Durian peeler dude goes home at 6pm). Having gone all the way to the super market just for durian, we weren't gonna leave empty handed.
We had two choices; Pre-peeled durian for 550 baht per kilogram or whole durian for 149 baht per kilogram. The two choices both have their pros and cons.
Durian has several different levels of ripeness. When you buy it, if you're lucky, the seller will let you touch the meat with your finger to test its firmness. Some people like super ripe and soft. Some people prefer the medium and middle off white tone. Others love to eat it stiff and white. I personally prefer none of the above. I just like to look at it. Pae goes for the medium to stiff...but not too stiff.

Obviously, if the durian is already peeled, you can choose the perfect level of ripeness for your taste (and each level has a different taste). For buying the whole fruit, covered in a hard, spiky peel/skin/rind/???, you're kinda guessing as to how ripe it is inside, unless you're a durian farmer or expert of course. For us, we're just guessing at this point.
Fun and adventure...how adventurous can it be to buy a pack of durian meat, drive it home, unwrap the plastic wrap and eat it?? Zero adventure and certainly nothing much to blog or write home about ;)

Buying a whole durian however...loads of fun ;) The peel is so thick and so hard. The durian peelers usually wear thick gloves so they can just grab it and flip it around as they are cutting it...We had no such gloves. Fun was had, fingers and hands were poked. Monday night adventure!!

As you can see from the photos, several pieces were eaten before we got it all cut open and peeled ;) Bubble was very curious and continuously would approach the fruit and smell it then circle around behind us and come back for another sniff.
From what we figure, we got more than our money's worth. The durian was a little on the ripe side, but Pae loved it anyway. We got a few more pieces than we would have gotten for the same price had we purchased the pre-peeled durian. So there you have it!
As you can see, with several seeds in the top of the photo, the durian was partly gone by the time we finished peeling it!
Next time the family comes to Bangkok, we'll buy a giant one and share the adventure!!

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