Thursday, May 12, 2016

My teachers

It sounds strange to say "My teachers" but as all of the Department heads, Head office and other International Principal, etc., keep calling them "Your teachers" and I have responsibility for and to them, I guess I'll call them mine ;)
This is all of us, minus two who were at orientation
The international principal (IP) has been a real change for me so far, and it is taking up most of my time at school. So much stuff that I never had to worry about when I was just teaching. Life as a teacher, even when I had max contact hours with the students, was relaxed and chill compared to the IP role.

We'll find out, tomorrow when classes start, if I'll be able to handle the IP role plus teaching sixth grade science 8 times a week and all that comes with the teaching.

Monday is the first week of proper classes and I was just informed that the Thai principal and the Vice principal are going to be gone all week at a seminar, leaving me in charge of the whole to day running of the school they call it ;) FOR A WEEK, the FIRST WEEK!! Aaaaarrrrgghhhhhh!!

I hope the place doesn't burn down!!! I've spent all week putting out proverbial fires, truth be told...steep learning curve...still at the bottom!!

The school is relatively quiet when we are here as teachers preparing for the term. I posted some of these photos on Facebook labeled "The calm before the storm".

There always has to be a "goofy" picture during photo day
So, tomorrow it begins. Good luck teachers, good luck students. GET SOME!!!!

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mardenheyjude said...

Good Luck in your new position at school. You will be a great IP.
Love always, Auntie

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