Monday, May 9, 2016

Exterior Update

Here is the latest progress on the exterior of Aloha Home ;) It looks like they have gotten all of the hand rails installed and the long parts of the rails that go from floor to ceiling also have been filled with concrete.

I worry about that, as I envision the metal hand rails vibrating and the cement eventually cracking on these vertical parts. We'll have to keep a good eye on that over the years. I'm not engineer though, so what do I know ;)

Also, you might notice on the left side (south side?) of the apartment, third floor, the "sun screens" are partially installed. These will block some of the morning sun from heating up the rooms too much and also close up the space, "framing" each floor a little. It's as much for looks as it is for functionality I think.

I think once all of the sun screens are installed we will have a good idea of how Aloha home is going to look, basically. Doors and windows would also help in that regard ;) and a good paint job of course. So much to look forward to!!

1 comment:

mardenheyjude said...

Guy and Pae; WOW!!! It is really coming along. Looking forward to seeing windows and doors. Love always, Auntie

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