Monday, May 9, 2016

Bathrooms Being Tiled

Long time since an update on the apartment, right? This last month was a pretty big holiday month with Thai New Year or Songkran taking up an entire week ;) Even with the holidays, they've gotten a lot done in the rooms.

The latest update we got from Dad and P'Pong was concerning the bathrooms. The wall tiles in the bathrooms on the third floor are finished already and the second floor should be finished soon. By the weeks end, all bathrooms should be fully tiled (walls).
From what I remember, this window hole in each bathroom didn't exist as of a month ago. I'm sure it's something P'Pong and P'Neung added (subtracted, haha) as they went along. Needs some ventilation, so this hole should work.
This is the pattern that Pae and I liked immediately when we walked into the showroom. Looks nice. I thought they would do the tile halfway up the wall then just paint the rest white, similar to the way our bathroom is in the house we rent. But they went from floor to ceiling ;) I guess the floors are next but not sure if it will be before or after the sinks and toilets are installed. We'll surely keep you in the loop...

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