Monday, May 9, 2016

Anne's Here!

Just a quick post with a few quick pictures. A week or so ago, Anne (my sister) arrived in Bangkok, just passing through on her way to the southern islands here in Thailand. She was here for a couple days and I had a chance to spend half a day with her.
Break time at Chatuchak Weekend Market
Considering I see family members once every ten years or so, this was a very rare opportunity for me, for us, to hang out. I know they've probably been to a hundred temples, but the first place I took them was a temple that Pae and I go to a couple times per also happened to be less than a kilometer from their hotel.
Not Anne's hotel, but a good photo op, especially since we had totally spaced taking pix when we first met up near her apartment. Long time no see hugs when you first see each other for the first time in years are always special :)

We donated a coffin at the temple, "tam boon" or asked for blessings, fed the cattle, talked to a clingy but nice old volunteer worker and even bough lottery tickets on the temple grounds ;) **The lottery tickets weren't winners though**
Rob banging the drum, asking permission to enter the temple according to the volunteer
After the temple, we went to have lunch at a hole in the wall place where Pae and I eat whenever we are in the area near Chatuchak, where I run. From there we figured we'd walk through my park (2km) to the supermarket and buy wine...forgetting that there are strict time periods during the day when alcohol isn't sold. Good exercise though ;)
Donating a coffin at Hua Lampong Temple
Even though it was only one day and a ride to the airport on the way out, it was great. Unfortunately Pae was working but on Anne's way back through Bangkok onto her next destination, we will be able to spend time together, the four of us. **And perhaps I'll be able to point out a Lady Boy to Rob ;)
Placing incense in one of 6 bowls for blessings
Another week until that happens ;) Can't wait!

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