Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Transformer Installation and Tile Delivery

Not the most exciting of video clips, but it's an update ;)

The transformer for our electric pole has arrived and is being lifted into position and installed by the electricians.

Quite honestly, I though we were just going to have a pole, haha, but I guess we get the whole shebang!! Just hope it doesn't cost any extra.

Below are more photos of the tiles that have been delivered to the site.

Not sure when they will start laying the tiles, but I can say that I am excited to see it happen. When we chose the tile, we had to choose several different types.

The first type and one of the more difficult and expensive ones to choose was the bedroom floor tile. These tiles are thick and the biggest tiles we would end up choosing. I think they are 45x45 cm Cotto brand. We had to choose within a certain price range, per square meter, and all of the ones that we REALLY REALLY liked were double or triple our price, haha, but we found these really nice ones that were prefect, the right brand and top grade. We are very satisfied with the floor tile for the bedrooms.
I love the boots in this photo that Dad sent us ;)

The next type was for the bathroom walls and floor. We had a price limit per meter for this as well. We walked into the display area for bathroom tile and Pae and I immediately walked towards the same bathroom wall tile display and looked at each other and said, "This!" and it was EXACTLY the price we were limited to, no higher, no lower.

Picking the tile for the bathroom floors was more difficult but since we got the tile we loved for the walls, we just chose what was available that matched (contrasted) the wall tile and got it for less than the contracted price, helping out P'Pong a little...give a little here, take a little there in prices as long as it all evened out ;)

The most difficult tile to choose was the outside walkway tile, not because we couldn't choose a pattern or color, but because they Cotto brand that P'Pong wanted to use and the size that we needed to choose, was difficult to find and when we found it, the price was just outrageous. We finally found some grey color tile that we agreed on. We'll see how it looks soon ;)

Lastly, never did we ever imagine that we would purchase 20 toilets....but here they are!!

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