Friday, April 8, 2016

80% of Cement Work Complete

Latest update from P'Pong:

80% of the cement work is complete. He said that the main thing remaining was the bathrooms. I'm guessing that he means putting the cement on the walls. Next would be putting the tiles on the walls and floors.
All of the bathroom tiles have been delivered to the site already as well as the toilets ;) I noticed the Cotto brand boxes in the first floor rooms and asked if they were sinks and toilets and he said it was the toilets. Cool.
The road-facing end of the apartment is also complete as far as basic cement work. Not sure if we're gonna make a sign with the apartment name, lights, design...haven't really gotten that far yet.

Looking good so far.

I wasn't going to put the "paying" for the apartment things into public record, but a little will be okay I think because it is important to us and I think should be remembered ;)
We keep having unexpected expenses come up. So many things that weren't in the plan, not in our budget, etc., from iron prices rising nearly 50% since we started the project to simple things like needing to buy an electric pole to needing to pave our parking lot because of the consistency of the soil when it rains, fences, gates, washing machines, covered parking...things got out of hand and weren't looking like being able to be paid. Stressful.

We just happen to be in the last year of paying for our car. What do you know, a letter comes in the mail and a call to the phone asking if we want to refinance ;) "You're great customers" they set you up with, haha.

But for us, it made sense to refinance especially since we haven't won the lottery yet ;) We ended up getting a good amount that comes close to covering some of the extra expenses that we were worried about. The interest is much higher than a new car loan, but it will pay itself off in the long run!

The hair is turning greyer, the bald spots are getting balder and the complexion looks like that of a puberty-stricken teen, but we're getting it done ;) and happily and proudly. We've both worked very hard to get to this point. We had the idea for several years...we worked and it's happening :)


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mardenheyjude said...

Guy and Pae; It's looking great. First thing that caught my eye was the railings. I am now looking forward to seeing pictures of the bathrooms. Love always, Auntie

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