Sunday, March 20, 2016

The stifling heat of Thailand in the summer

I run. I am a runner. I enjoy running. I enjoy running in the rain. I run to take care of errands, just to get a couple kilometers in or just to stretch the legs out. I don't mind a stiff headwind and certainly never complain about a tailwind. I can run with blisters or severe, explosive diarrhea...or with one sock, as it were ;)

But this summer heat, combined with the 80% humidity, is just ridiculous! Heat! I know, it's not desert heat. But my sweat sweats!! The temperature may say 102 or 106, but it feels so much hotter, even in the shade.I remember our wedding was up near 110 degrees...ridiculous! The Europeans love it (especially the Scandinavians) but it seriously kicks my butt.
This is the forecast temperature for the next week, not factoring in humidity. I never thought I'd wish I was back in Bangkok's 95 degree temps.

I just went for a run this morning in 90+ degree temperatures, finishing up in the upper 90s...6:30 am and it's already 90 degrees out! I've been suffering with a pretty bad headache all day. I think running 30km in the heat really took a lot out of me.

I've been throwing water, coke, juice, chocolate milk, Gatorade, electrolytes...pretty much any liquid I can get my hands my body and I'm still feeling quite uncomfortable.

I keep telling myself that running in this heat is training for the 10hr race in May which is during the hottest part of the day. I have been hoping to match my previous mark of 86km in those grueling 10 hours, but with this heat I'd be better off with a goal of staying hydrated and running according to the conditions and the known dangers that come along with those conditions.

So I guess I am actually training ;) because today's 30km consisted of 7km running at an easy pace and 1km walking and plenty of water breaks.

I am a runner. I complain. the end of the day I'm still happy that I had the opportunity to run, hot, hotter or hottest.


mardenheyjude said...

I could really get used to the heat of Thailand in summer. I am not a runner but I love the heat and the humidity doesn't really bother me a lot. I am always outside here in the summer months. However, runners should pace themselves while running in the Thailand heat. Love always, Auntie

Pae and Guy said...

That is the challenge, Auntie, as a runner; being able to pull it back in the hot and humid conditions and be happy with a slower pace. Certain numbers are cemented in your brain as a runner, pacing numbers...

I always feel like I should be running 5 minute kilometers but when I am coming off of a long break from running or running in bad conditions, I just can't hit those numbers, and it sometimes does funny things to your brain ;) Gotta understand the body and how it reacts to certain stimuli/conditions and be happy with "effort" rather than "time".

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