Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Preparing for the Next Day's Cement Work

We visited the apartment construction site last week when we visited home. We went near the end of work hours, about 4:30pm, and there was just a small crew working still.

There were three or four workers on the third floor cementing walls and leveling cement on the window frames. There were also three or four women downstairs sifting sand. I went over and looked and they were separating small pebbles (sharp edge black stones) from the clay sand. Their method looked like a good arm workout ;) They were dipping their "sieves" in a bucket of water and the sand would just separate from the rocks as they pulled it back and forth.

Pretty sure this is what they are using for the cement. They use the finer sand for the walls and stuff and I think they use the stones for the cement that makes up the floors and walkways. Maybe from the video, you can see the orange sand on the left and the darker grey pebbles on the right, where the lady dumps her blue net-like sieve thingy.

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mardenheyjude said...

It is so strange for me to see all the manual labor associated with such a large project. Love always, Auntie

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