Thursday, March 10, 2016

"Level of Busy" Indicator?

I started keeping this blog years ago, 2008? I don't even remember. There have been times where I just didn't feel like there was anything worth writing about. There have been other times when I was just absolutely crushed with work or other things and didn't have time to sit in front of the computer. Other times I've just been lazy.

You might be able to tell that the volume of my posts increases around the school breaks as I have a little extra time to sit here and type.

I was looking at the layout of the blog (because I am thinking of keeping an informal one for our teachers) and noticed the list of blogs that I follow on the right hand side. Mostly family and a few friends.

The thing that sticks out to me is that the most recent post is listed with the name of the blog and it tells how long ago that entry was posted. WOW! Nearly all of the blogs I would call "inactive" as most of them have not been posted to in over a year. Some of them, you can tell, tried a few times then just never posted again.I do believe that my brother Jacob was one-and-done!! Must be a record ;)

I'm just going to copy and paste that list here. They are always available to be clicked on from the blog, over there on the right ----------------------->
so I'm assuming there are no privacy issues here ;)

Ours has been in the same crowd of dead blogs before and I've had to force myself to get less lazy and update the blog. That is not saying that anyone on my blog list is lazy, of course not. Life is full of stuff and stuff takes time. Some stuff takes priority over other stuff. I get it.

I do love to look back at the blog every now and then and am always glad that I've taken the time to record some of these things down. I can look back and see a little bit how I've changed even just a little bit, not just physically haha!

So, here they are, the most recent update was 8 months ago. Let's hope that I can stay motivated to continue posting to here. It is well worth it.

My Blog List


mardenheyjude said...

Guy: You do a great job keeping up with your blog. I've read every single one of your posts and viewed every picture more than once. I have enjoyed the beautiful pictures and stories of your wonderful life with Pae and family in Thailand as well as the stories and pictures of your younger life. I have been reading your stories for many years and because of your blog I honestly feel that I have been part of your life and I thank you for that feeling. Over the years of reading your blog I have been able to make a few photo books. Two books cover your many races of 2012 and one is a photo book of pictures of you and Pae and the title of the book is Guy and Pae - Little Book of Love (2008-2012. Now I am enjoying the stories, pictures, and videos of the construction of your apartment building which I have often said is amazing. So I am happy that you plan to continue to post to your blog and I hope you will be posting for years to come. Hi to Pae. Love always, Auntie

Pae and Guy said...

Thanks, Auntie :)

I do go inactive sometimes. I was considering starting another blog only accessible to my teachers here at school where we could share ideas, accomplishments, etc. but haven't pulled the trigger yet. Nothing public, it would be limited to invited teachers only. Taking care of Pae-and-Guy for years, I feel like it would be something to look back at for the teachers, as I am able to look back at years ago in our lives ;)

It's hard to believe that we've been keeping this blog for so long! Pretty much the same amount of time that I've been here in Thailand. So yeah, it is basically our life together; mine and Pae's and our pet family ;)

I'm happy that you enjoy reading about things, Thailand, our lives, us as individuals, our hopes and dreams, etc. and you are correct, it's a way for people to get a better idea of who we are even if we live half the world apart!

Love you Auntie, take care and see you around the blog ;)

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