Sunday, March 6, 2016

Final Exams at School

I'm sitting here at my desk trying to decide if I should dive into my last stack of final exams. I've jammed all day grading three classes already, but with a half hour before quitting time, I'd just rather sit here and take a breath!

As always, after grading 60ish exams of fifth and sixth graders, I have mixed feelings. I'm proud of some of the kids and happy with the effort that I can tell they put into their studies. There are also many kids that I am disappointed with, because I know just how smart they are and their exams reek of laziness. Take the good with the bad! Some of their answers for the writing questions make me laugh.

Seems like if the kids don't know the answer, there must be some competition to see who can put the most ridiculous answer...these all come from different students:

Q: Name the energy source that hydroelectric plants use to generate electricity?
A: Potato
 ***Yup, you neither studied for the exam nor did you pay attention in class for the past two weeks.

Q: Give the difference between a nova and a supernova.
A: A nova is just normal but a supernova is more super.

Q: There are four main shapes of galaxies. Give two.
A: Berry galaxy and Servent galaxy

Q: _____________ are exploration vehicles without human crews.
A: Neil Armstrong
***And..thanks for playing

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