Monday, March 21, 2016

A peek at the bathroom and patio area

Here is a quick video taken by Dad again that is of the work going on in the rooms. You can see that the electric stuff is being installed. Eventually the ceiling will be installed once all of the electric and other pipes are finished.

The "patio" (not sure what to call this area) is the same size as the bathroom and has a sideways facing window rather than a window facing outwards. We did this (P'Neung designed it this way) to stay within building codes and regulations that require a building with outward facing balconies to be at least three meters away from the edge of the land. We opted for the minimum one meter distance meaning we couldn't have a normal looking patio.

The bathroom, in this video, can barely be seen but that will be the next update. Try to get it before there is too much work completed on it so we can watch the progress over the months.

1 comment:

mardenheyjude said...

Guy and Pae; They are really making progress. Love always, Auntie

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