Friday, February 19, 2016

Where is the weight coming from?

Jumped on the scale this morning and it read 72+ kilograms. What's that, 158 pounds? No big deal really, but I've been running at about a steady 68kg for the past few years. This extra 4kg is a lot extra to carry around at my normal running pace ;)

I came to Thailand at 75kg (165 pounds) fresh from working in the corporate world as an accountant. Fast food twice a day, Dunkin' Donuts and coffee daily, sitting at a desk.

The first few years in Thailand, I paid for a gym membership and would always go and lift a little and do all of the classes; spin (bike), Body Combat, Gym Ball workouts, Abs workouts, Body Pump (weights) and whatever felt good on the day. At that time, I stayed around 72-75kg but it was more muscle than fat (although I kept my secretary butt, haha).

I got sick, food poisoning, one year and dropped to nearly 65kg in less than two weeks! After I got better, I evened out around 70-72, which felt fine.

Running long distance boosted my metabolism and having Pae basically living in Australia for a few years, I ate a lot less than I do now. Since I started running I am a steady 68. Until recently.

I think a steady diet of coke (chips, candy, sweets, donuts, etc.), my morning coffee, my lack of training time (running), stress at work and just an overall laziness to really take care of my body sees my weight just rocketing up back into the 70s.

I wouldn't mind 70-72 if it was not all situated around my gut ;)

Well, this tells me something I've known for nearly a year now but haven't wanted to admit or deal with. I need to make some dietary changes followed by jumping back out on the road for my weekly long runs. With the 10hr Ultra Marathon coming in two months, you'da thunk I'd be all over that, but again, I've been lazy and have chosen to spend more time at home than out in the heat. **My long runs for 100km training need to be anywhere from 3-5 hours long, running mixed with walking. Now that Pae is home, I don't like spending that much time away. Priorities people ;)
Well, I've thought it, now I've spoken it. I don't feel healthy. I will do better. I promise! That may not mean losing weight...perhaps just redistributing it ;)


mardenheyjude said...

Guy: Redistributing the weight is ok, just don't lose the weight. Love always, Auntie

Pae and Guy said...

Haha, I think I just have to get used to the slower pace while running. I took such a long break from training that the new weight, even though it's only a few pounds physically (or mentally) is slowing me down about 30 seconds per kilometer...once I can accept the fact that I'm slowing down, I'll be totally okay with the weight ;)

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