Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Bedroom Set

More apartment updates from our visit earlier in February. Nothing much, but a lot of stress off of our shoulders. We chose (in barely the hour or two that we had available before having to fly back to Bangkok) the furniture that will be in each of the twenty rooms of the apartment.

This has been pretty stressful for us. Normally people would just find something that they like, that suits their taste, for their own home. The price is flexible, if it's really nice, you can suck up the extra cost. But for buying twenty sets, price and budget become very important!

Our bank has split up our loan, as I think I previously mentioned, into 7 or 8 parts. The last part of the loan will only be given to us after the apartment is completed and furnished; ready to move in. This causes us a problem as the amount of money that they will withhold for that final "payment" is needed to pay P'Pong, our contractor for the construction. **This only happens like this because the bank doesn't give a loan for the full cost of the apartment. Example, if our apartment will cost $100 to build, the bank will give us a loan for $80. And furnishing it is not included in the loan. So, we had to save a lot of cash before going ahead with the project.

Anyway, we have a certain budget to purchase Bedroom Sets (x20), Television (x20), Refrigerator (x20) and Table/Chair Set (x20). After looking at rock bottom prices on 32" t.v.s and medium sized refrigerators, we pretty much knew that we weren't gonna make budget. But, we had to go ahead and get as much done while we were home, so we went ahead and went to a furniture store and saw what they had to offer.

We ended up special ordering twenty sets as shown in the photo below. We also got a glass table with two chairs set for each room. These items came to exactly half of our budget. I expect another 70% of our budget to go to the Televisions and we are well over budget unless there is some crazy sale on electronics between now and next time we go shopping.
Our small rooms will have a queen size bed (5 foot we call it), a closet and a vanity with stool. Add a TV (hopefully wall mounted), table, chairs and a fridge and it's a tight squeeze.
Even though we are finding it hard to stay in budget, we are happy with our choices up to this point. We are especially happy that we were able to take care of the Bedroom Sets during this trip home so that Mom or Dad don't have to do it by themselves later.

We also got to go with P'Pong and choose lighting fixtures, tiles for each room and the walkway, bathroom mirrors and towel hangers, hot water heaters for the showers, toilets and sinks, etc. It took quite a while, but we got through it and pretty much stayed within the budget that he set in the overall cost plan of building the apartment. One or two things we went over the per-unit price, but several things we were well under so it all will even out in the end.

One stressful thing in the way of current events in Thailand: Pae's airline is in the middle of a pilot strike. That's all I can say. As Nok Air is one of the main domestic carriers here so we feel safe as far as Pae's job goes, but as things heat up in the negotiations we are nervous. This is Thailand (TIT as we say) so literally anything can happen whether it makes sense or makes absolutely no sense. We'll hope for the best, Pae will fly whenever called upon to do so and I will do as much as I can at school and away from school to keep the cash flowing to pay for our ongoing project.

Until next time ;)

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