Monday, February 29, 2016

Electric Pole and Door Frames

We got some photos and videos from Dad and P'Pong today.

I thought it was too soon to really have anything that I could post as major progress, but I was wrong. Up went our electric pole and a surprise as well...DOOR FRAMES!

One thing we didn't see when we got the pictures from the first floor walls, was what they did before they actually put up the cement blocks that form the wall. There are holes for doors and windows, but never even thought about door frames. You can see the door frames perfectly placed and waiting for the walls to be built around them in the video above.

The above video shows the guys erecting our electric pole, they are the workers in the orange shirts. Also looking at this video, I noticed that the ceiling/roof of the third floor rooms is not yet poured. Never noticed that until now, so there is still a bit of cement work to do.
In case it is difficult to focus on the door frames in the moving pictures (haha) here is a still shot of the frames completed on the second floor.

Until next time, Aloha!!


mardenheyjude said...

Do they frame the windows as well? It kinda looks like it in the videos but it is hard to tell. I am amazed that everything seems to be built by hand. No big cement trucks that lift a slide from the truck and pour the cement, just buckets and pulleys, etc. Hi to Pae. Love always, Auntie

Pae and Guy said...

Auntie, I think they use the small buckets of cement for the smaller cement jobs. The big stuff still gets the big cement truck ;) Well, on our project at least. I have read blogs where guys are having houses built and they are similarly amazed that it is all done by hand. Love ya, Pae and Guy :)

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