Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Stairwell

Looks like the framing and leveling is all finished...
Most of the cement is poured and the contractors have also gotten the stairwell cemented. I have been wondering when the stairs would be worked on. When we went to the construction site, the stairwell was just a giant hole in the building.
A team effort to bring the cement in bucket by bucket
I'm not sure if it will be tiled or what, but here are some photos of the work they did on the stairwell. Most of the cement was poured using big cement trucks to pour directly on the first floor, and a big boom was used to pour cement on the upper floors. For the stairwell, it appears (just from looking at these photos) that the workers are bringing the cement in bucket by bucket...very common here in Thailand especially in smaller projects in rural areas.
The base of the stairwell prior to doing the cement. You can see the metal frame at the top of the photo.
To be honest, I'm not really sure of how stairs are built. More reading the internet later this weekend I guess ;) That has been some of the fun about this project, I'm learning little tidbits about engineering, cement, rebar, construction, and hopefully this weekend about how stairwells are made ;)

Here is the current state of Aloha Home. You can see the stairwell has been cemented already. Not sure what happens next with the stairs. They will start working on the roof now.
Coming along nicely. We've run into some financial problems thanks to some unmentioned, unexpected bank fees...but we'll work our way through it and figure it out when the money runs out :| Nobody ever said it would be easy!!

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