Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Roof is Taking Shape

Last week there was a lot of work done on the roof of the apartment. I think once the roof gets completed it will look more like a building ;) I'm guessing that a lot of the plumbing and electric stuff might be done soon, or walls. Walls here aren't framed with two by fours. They are bricks and mortar covered by a layer of cement. You can see it daily as you walk around the city, new buildings being built. Same every time...bricks, cement, wall.
Here is the metal that is used for the frame of the roof. I wonder what will be used for the roof itself. Aluminum sheets? We'll find out soon ;)
First they sprayed (painted) the metal framing material with anti-rust paint.
One thing I never thought of when we were finalizing the plans for the apartment, was how close it would be to the apartment on the property next door. The only reason I worry about it now (too late) is because we don't use clothes dryers here, we wash in a washer and line dry. Great because it is sunny ALWAYS here. But with the two apartments only two-ish meters apart, the sun will never get into the balconies to dry people's clothes.
Eventually they got it all up to the top of the apartment and put it all together (the frame). Somewhere in the middle there will be where we put the water tanks. Not sure where the water pump(s) will go. You can see the neighbor's blue water tanks on the right.
You'll notice (can't miss) all of the wires in front of the apartment. This is something that you can't escape here in Thailand. There are so many cables running the sides of the streets that it's crazy. Electric, phone, cable, internet, etc.  I'll have to post a picture of some of the ugly looking masses of tangled and twisted wires some day.
Above is the view from the street. I like the slant of the roof and how it looks from street level. Right now we are still thinking of the color scheme. Looking more at darker colors, browns at the moment. My school is colored a brownish color and it looks nice.


mardenheyjude said...

Guy and Pae:
Wow that roof frame went up fast. Can't wait to see the finished roof. Love always, Auntie

Pae and Guy said...

I guess we'll have to decide on a color scheme soon ;) Love you Auntie!!

The construction is slowing a little, new contractors will be coming in soon to work on different areas of the apartment. I'll post updates as often as there is progress made.

I also have a few more posts to put up from Japan, although those will take more time (time that I don't have much of at the moment) but as they are almost a year overdue, I'll have to make some (time)

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