Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Diagrams

I was looking at photos of the apartment progress and decided to compare what I actually see in real life to the plans (diagrams, schematics, etc.) that we have in paper form.

The diagrams we have of the apartment is are from an early version and may have changed slightly, but this is kinda what the apartment is designed to look like upon completion...well, in black and white ;)

First diagram shows the basic structure of the front side of the apartment but as if you're looking at it with no front walls. It's basically like you're looking through the front and seeing the back walls with the sliding door to the balcony.
The second diagram is what the apartment will actually look like if you were standing outside. They are black and white so you have to kind of use your imagination a little.
I hadn't noticed previously that the doors are on the left for the rooms to the left side of the stairwell but on the right for those to the right of the stairwell. I wonder if that's standard just to give the rooms by the stairs a little space between the stairs and the door?

In the first diagram you can see the stairwell. In the second diagram you can see a grey block on top of the roof above the stairwell. That's where the water thingies will be kept. **Forgot what the water thingies are called ;)
*Here's a quick video that Dad shot yesterday when he made a site visit. Not great quality, but I'm not gonna put it on youtube, so this is the best quality that we'll get right now.*

Still not sure where we will put the three or four washing machines and water machine. Probably put it close to the apartment? Build some cover at one end of the parking lot? Still some things to hammer out, but I'm sure we'll get it sorted by the time it's all built, yay!

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