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Japan Trip 2015 - Kyoto - Fushimi Inari Shrine

Front gate of Fushimi Inari Taisho
The Fushimi Inari Taisho or Fushimi Inari Shrine was one of the most visually "wow" parts of our trip to Kyoto. It is a Shinto shrine situated at Mt. Inari in Kyoto.
Inari happens to be the Shinto Goddess of Rice. All around the shrine grounds are statues of foxes, messengers to Inari.
Komainu are the foxes (look like dogs) that are on either side of any Inari shrine entrance. There are thousands of Inari shrines in Japan

There is a train leading to the top of the mountain. Along the trails were torii gates, orange and black, donated by businesses or individuals.
Reading up on the torii gates, the cost to "donate" one to the shrine is about 400,000 yen for a smaller gate and up to 1,000,000 yen for a larger one.
As we walked through the tunnels made from torii, we saw newer ones and older ones. The older ones farther from the entrance started getting a little beat up.
This map doesn't show all the way up to the top of the mountain
The name of the company or person who donated the torii gate, for good luck, was inscribed on one side of the gate. It made for great pictures.
Mom and Dad did fine with the hills and all of the walking. Kyoto involved a lot of walking around, lots of stairs and hills.
We made sure to get pictures of everybody in the toriis. It's not everyday that you get to visit this shrine. Perhaps once in a lifetime actually for us ;)

We went a little further up and then turned around
 One thing about this trip is that we brought a lot of warmer clothes; sweatshirts, hoodies, jeans, long pants. I wished that I had brought shorts and t-shirts, haha. I ended up carrying my coat in my hands on many occasions as the morning started out cooler but once the sun came up it was way too hot to wear a coat or even a sweater.
This photo is not ours, but comes from Japan Travel dot com, it shows the entrance of two rows of torii gates. Nice huh?
Problem was that if you didn't bring the warmer clothes in the morning, by the time you were traveling home in the evening you would be cold again ;)
The time of day that we went, the sun wasn't so bright and it was great for photo taking. We walked quite far up the trail but not quite half way to the peak of the mountain. It was enough for us to experience the beautiful torii gates.

I'd say that Fushimi Inari Taisha is a can't miss spot in Kyoto. It was beautiful, especially at the time of day (afternoon, close to evening) that we went. The shadows and lighting was very soft and perfect for taking pictures and just made the orange torii seem to glow.

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mardenheyjude said...

Beautiful pictures and as always a great story to go with them. When I read your stories and look at the pictures it is as if I am right there with you all. It really is. The castles, shrines, temples, and pagodas are beautiful. The waterfalls are simply awesome. The platform with all the people on it is a "scary mary" sight. I reckon it's built well in order to hold so many people. The foxes look mighty mean and the torii gates are really something to admire. I enjoy looking at and reading about the food but fried balls of octopus....Yucky :( I never knew octopus had balls!!!haha Then cow tongue..... again Yucky :( I do find it amazing that vending machines are used to order food. I am reminded of a time when your Dad was on leave and he introduced me and other Marden family members to the taste of Sake. I gotta say I loved it. Hi to Pae. Love always, Auntie

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