Sunday, January 10, 2016

I ran, yay!

For the first time in a month, I got off of my lazy butt and ran. It was but 5 kilometers, but that's better than the zero kilometers I've done so far in 2016.

How did I feel? I felt slow. I felt hot. I felt like stopping at 2.87 kilometers. I felt good that I kept running after wanting to stop. I felt like I was starting to work on burning away the last month+ of laziness. I felt great.

I'll have to do it again sometime next week ;)


mardenheyjude said...

Good to hear that you are back to some running again. Love always, Auntie

Pae and Guy said...

Me too Auntie!! Not as fast as before, but that's expected after a long layoff. Muscles tire faster, lungs start to hurt faster, haha. Last night, in particular, I had pain in my hurt foot and in my hip on the same leg. Also knee pain at about the 2km mark, getting older!! I'll work my way back into it slowly, I'm not trying to qualify for the Olympics or anything!! Love ya!!

Cyrille said...

congrats :) Just read you post about the Koh Chang trail that was very fun to read. I am debating if I should register to it (subscriptions end this week-end) as a friend is also running it, but that looks super tough!

Pae and Guy said...

Yeah Cyrille, Thanks! Koh Chang was a beast last year, but it was the most beautiful run I've done since I started running. The island itself is already a nice place, but then you add the challenge of running there (regardless of the distance) through the mountain rain forest, along the beach, etc. and it is just that much more fun. An experience of a lifetime for me now that I look back at it. At the time (from about 40km to 66km) I was suffering greatly because of the damn blisters and never wanted to run ever again, haha! But it sure beats running on the streets of Bangkok or city running. Head down, make a weekend of it. Better start training though, it is only 6 or 7 weeks away.

What distance were you looking at? I'm 98% out of the 66km and the whole event as making the trip down there this year is going to be too difficult to pull off and because of lack of training. I don't wanna go into that 66km on poor form ;) Too bad I paid for it already, but I'll take the loss rather than tripling my expense and going down and getting a DNF after 50km...could happen, haha. And since I'm not running The North Face this year (also paid for) I'm just gonna try to get my head back around running long distances, get my motivation back, slow down a little and train for the 10hr face in May. That one is right here in town, easy to get to, I've done it before and it's right at the end of my school break...not sure during or after break, but I'll have a little time during the days to run in the heat for my heat training **shivers.

Good luck, dude!

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