Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday Foto - January 15, 2016

The first Friday Foto of the year?

This picture came from my after lunch class with a fifth grade class. We really dreaded these students when we saw them coming up from fourth grade. Naughty and disrespectful. We'd see them and hear them and hear about them from their teachers and we seriously were not looking forward to teaching them.

It didn't help that they had so many teachers that year because of turnover here at the school, but finally they have steady teachers and they are, admittedly, getting better behaviorally.

Well, I walked into the classroom and this list was written on the board. Usually this space of the whiteboard is reserved for the names of students who are missing assignments, etc. Today there was a list of rules.
We always have rules, but the Thai teacher must have gotten fed up with the kids or there was an incident (there are often incidents, crying kids, angry kids, hitting, etc.). The picture translated:

    Primary Class 5/4 Rules
1. No fighting (quarreling, bullying, brawling)
2. No teasing (mocking) classmates
3. Keep the room clean (organized, not messy with all of your crap laying EVERYWHERE)
4. Don't speak rudely (vulgarly, impolitely)
5. If you break these rules, you can go down to the principal's office all day!
    Don't Erase!

**Note that I've bolded the slight translation variation that I think was probably intended. # 3 obviously was my rant/translation ;)

Yeah, this doesn't surprise me at all. The class is a mix of polar opposites in every regard. It is probably perfectly split between boys and girls. There are some very smart kids and an equal number of those who struggle mightily. There are very aggressive, in your face kids and some relaxed, easy going ones. Humble kids and ones who gloat over their scores or other things.

Again, we have these rules from day one, but as each week passes (after the teachers decompress and recharge on the weekends) we make it to about Thursday on a good week before we really need to really lay into the students for acting up. Usually it's an actual "the last straw" moment.

Let's call it "Threat Thursdays" hahaha!! Nah, I don't threaten the kids, ACTION beats THREATS in my book ;) You will occasionally catch me doing my best Clint Eastwood squint and waving my fist in the air at someone who "has gotten my attention"...but that's not a THREAT...that's a PROMISE!!

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