Friday, January 8, 2016

Bangkok Pollution - Another reason I've not been running lately

From my third floor "perch" at school, I can usually look towards downtown Bangkok and see the tallest building in Thailand; The Baiyoke Tower. I'm guessing it's between 6-8km away and normally it is clear as day.
Since December, most days have looked like this. I can sometimes make out a hazed out shadow of the Baiyoke Tower, but today I can't even see it through the pollution, smog and haze. Heck, I even forget where it SHOULD be in the photo!!

Not good for running. Not good for the lungs. Not good for my allergies.

Yes, this is one of several excuses that I've been using lately to sit at home and do nothing. the other main thing is that I have pain in one of my foot joints, almost feels as if my arch is falling or gonna fall soon.

No more excuses, must get out and have a short little 5km run in the next few days, just to get back in it physically and mentally. I've been off for a month and done zero kilometers.

As it is, I'm pulling out of my two races, TNF and UTKC but picking up the 10hr race in May. The 10hr Ultra Marathon is a taxi ride away and I can just sleep at home and go and return on the same day. The other two races require me to call in sick on the Friday, to travel, hotel, etc. so this year it is gonna be a little harder to make those little sacrifices. Plus, I'm not training at it's the smart thing to do.


Cyrille said...

Yes the weather has been very weird lately. I didn't know it was the pollution. Just back from upcountry and indeed it's much harder to breathe here. Good luck for the 10h. I can't even imagine how this is possible to run that long.

Pae and Guy said...

I think there were fires down in Malaysia or Indonesia causing a lot of haze late last year. Not sure what all of this haze is this week, but it sure isn't nice. Upcountry? Chiang Mai? Chiang Rai? I need to get up there into the mountains and away from the city ;)

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