Friday, January 8, 2016

Apartment Update - Back to Work after the Holiday

The apartment, "Aloha Home" is the name we're going with right now, is getting worked on again after the New Year break. I lived and worked in Hawaii and Pae flew there with her old airline all the time and loves it there. One thing that I love, other than the weather and such, is the Aloha Spirit that you can feel from the people who "are Hawaii". This "Aloha" is the kind of feeling we want to have at our apartment :)

We got some photos today of the what has been going on in the past few days. They are putting the last "layer" of forms for the beams that will form the the ceiling of the third floor.
This probably looks like most of the other photos so far, but you can see they are working on the framing for the rebar on what will end up being the beams that support the top of the third floor (ceiling/roof). It should be ready to pour cement in about four days.
The interesting part of the photo update was that P'Pong had the cement that has been curing (?) for 14 days tested for how much it could support. It tested out at 239 kilograms per square centimeter. I think the cement is rated at 240 so it should be to that level by two more weeks. I really don't know anything about that, but P'Neung and P'Pong seemed to be quite happy about it's current measurement ;)
This is a cement compression testing machine used to test the strength of the cement as it dries and cures. P'Pong went to Nakhon Ratchasima (if I read the Thai abbreviation correctly in his message) to have our concrete tested. He seemed quite pleased.
P'Pong told us that we need to choose tile soon. We had gone earlier this year (like a week ago, haha) to the home supply store and looked at bathroom wall, bathroom floor, regular floor and outdoor tiles for our flooring and it's just really hard to get a good idea what the tile will look like over a large floor area when you are looking at samples. We were given a certain price per square meter that we have to keep close to to avoid going over budget.
Apparently these numbers are good ;) I think how the machine works is it slowly applies pressure to a cube of cement and divides the total kg of pressure until total failure of the cement by the total surface area touching the machine (?) giving you the strength of your cement. I could be totally wrong on the math though ;)

It's funny also that I've been in so many apartments, homes or public restrooms and wondered, "Somebody actually liked and chose this tile???" Haha, and now Pae and I are the ones doing the choosing. Not sure if we'll choose color schemes and patterns to match the Hawaii theme or Aloha theme, but we'll see ;)

Anyway, the construction is back underway and we'll keep the blog updated with any progress or photos that we get. It's fun, so I enjoy posting about it ;)

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