Tuesday, December 22, 2015

We call her P'Lek

December 20th was a sad day for the family as P'Lek, the family German Shepard, passed quietly into Doggy Heaven. Earlier in the week she had been bumped/hit by a truck, but it seemed like she was gonna be fine. She hung on and really tried to get better for many days, even to the point where Pae's mom had a small "wheelchair" made for her so she would be more mobile since the accident had made her back legs painful for her to move.

She was with Pae's family for 13 years or since Pae was a senior in high school. She was especially close to Pae's mom, following her around all of the time, waiting for her to come home from work and waiting at the end of the road for her car after the work day was finished. She would go exercise with mom and just hang anywhere near mom throughout the day, every day.
So gentle for a larger dog

13 years is near the top end of the life expectancy for a German Shepard, so she lived a long life, full of love from her humans and from her doggy brothers and sisters (of the Shi Tzu variety).
Someone is coming to try to get some food or some loving ;)

I never saw her name spelled out in Thai or English. It is pronounced "Lek" but I have heard family call her "A'Lek" so it could have been Alex or some variation of that.

We call her P'Lek.

She is in a better place and condition now. No more painful hind leg joints. She will be playing with her brothers and sisters and perhaps even BunBun who she got to meet on one or two occasions ;)

For now, the family mourns the loss of a big, furry family member. See you again someday Lek. We miss you.

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mardenheyjude said...

Guy and Pae: So sorry for the loss of a beautiful P'Lek. Please extend my sympathy to the family. Love always, Auntie

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