Monday, December 28, 2015

Thai Dance at Jim Thompson Farm

While at Jim Thompson Farm, we wandered through a traditional Northeastern Thai village exhibit. There they had dancers on stage so we sat for a few minutes and watched and rested from walking around in the sun.

I took some video of the dancers as I'd never seen this type of Thai dance before. Still not 100% sure of the exact dance, but considering that this was a "Phu Thai" village (of the Phu Thai Tribe), I'm gonna call this "Fawn Phu Thai" which really just means Phu Thai Dance. There are so many types of dances and Pae tells me that you can really make up your own dance and call it what you want and use it for merit making or whatever purpose you want.

In my imagination, after watching this dance, I imagined that they were doing merit making for the rice that they would grow on their farms. After all, the theme of Jim Thompson Farm Tour this year is "Man Mung Boon Khao" or "Rice Merit Making".

I see the long fingers with the little pom pom at the end and I imagine it to be stalks of rice and the dancers are asking for blessings on their fields and harvest. Rice farming is one of the main ways of life in the Northeast. Perhaps the dance is just for tourists, but for me it was a rice dance ;)

p.s. I'm only able to load one video on here and the one I did get up looks blurry. I'll try to put them on Youtube then put a link to them in the comments ;)

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