Monday, December 28, 2015

Silk Loom at Jim Thompson Farm

Here is a quick video of the silk loom room on the Jim Thompson Farm tour. See if you can see someone enjoying the tour in the video...

It's pretty amazing how silk is made. The "thread" is so fine. Much of the silk threads come from silk worms raised by local "farmers"

Something I found interesting, from the Jim Thompson Farm website,

The Company has an active program of propagating hybrid silkworm eggs of a high standard and quality for distribution to the thousands of villages throughout the Northeastern (Isan). The silkworm eggs are packaged in the batches of 18,000 eggs and carefully transported to distribution centers where the villagers take delivery. In a matter of days the eggs hatch and the rearing cycle begins. After a few weeks the villagers can opt to sell the fresh cocoons or reel the cocoons into skeins to sell to Jim Thompson. Both the traditional golden yellow Thai silk cocoons and the Chinese hybrid white cocoons can be reared by the villagers depending on their skills and the village environment.

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