Monday, December 28, 2015

Second Floor Construction

Construction of the second floor started almost instantly after the first floor cement was poured. Here are some photos of the work that was done (finished already) on the second floor.
A combination of cheap tree trunks (really) and two by fours makes up the scaffolding. I'm not sure if they use actual trees for scaffolding back home in the U.S. but that's what I've always seen here.
All of the rebar is being laid our for the beams and the pillars to hold up the third floor. To the right is the bathrooms, center the actual apartment room and the left is the walkway area. This photo is facing the road (front) and the temple across the street.
A more "artistic" photo taken from the first floor up through the scaffolding of the unfinished second floor bu P'Neung (Pae's big brother) who is helping with the project.
More rebar in the bathroom. WHen we first went to the construction site, we noticed a worker making small, tiny round pieces of cement (seen in this photo). We had no idea what they were, the worker just told us they were "luk pbun" which, to me translated to "tiny cement" haha. Reading more about construction and the use of rebar, it turns out that they are used to keep the rebar a certain distance away from the bottom of whatever the rebar is on top of. Structural integrity? I'm pretty sure that's what these "luk pbun" are for in this photo.
The forms are around the rebar for the beams. Soon they would pour the cement.
This large "hole" that sticks out from the living areas of the apartments is where the stairwell will eventually go up three floors.
Don't forget the hole for the toilet ;) From this blue pipe to the beam on the far end is the size of one bathroom and a "patio" area for hanging clothes and the air conditioning unit.
From the front to the back
Pouring the cement in the forms to make the beams
Working hard in the Thai heat
A deserved break after taking off the forms. You can see that the bathroom side is finished. Now for the living area and the walkways.

Cement slabs cover everything before cement is poured. You can also see in this photo, the 90 degree angled forms on the left. They are just starting to put the forms around the vertical rebar pillars from the second to third floor.

Forms ready for pouring cement, walkway rebar laid. Stairwell area.
Pour that cement!!

Cement has been poured in the pillars already, next is to lay rebar on the cement slabs and pour the cement, both living area and walkways
P'Pong, P'Neung and Dad have been sending Pae and me a steady flow of photos of the progress of the construction. Right now is the New Year holiday and the workers are slowly disappearing to their families for the holiday.

Pae and I just got back from a site visit. The third floor is started and probably will be finished pouring the cement after New Year. Photos forthcoming of our quick 15 minute site visit.

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