Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Planning for the Future

Well, I've been here in Thailand for coming up on nine (9) years. Married, employed, no human is great.

We have thought about what direction the future is going to go for us as far as employment, children and where we are going to live, and one thing becomes apparent; we need some sort of "retirement" plan regardless of where we end up living.

Over the years we decided to build and manage a small apartment. One of the aunties has one, mom has a small one and we decided that there was enough expertise and experience in the family that it would be a good idea if we could swing it financially.

We can officially say that we are "slaves to the mortgage" haha!!

Here is a picture of Pae's mom's small apartment. If I'm correct, it has two floors with a total of 16 rooms. Now, these aren't U.S.A. type rooms, they are very basic, smaller than a studio, made for one person comfortably but two can squeeze in. They are maybe four meters long and three to four meters wide with a tiny shower/toilet bathroom area (no tub). These rooms generally rent out for near $100 per month. (basic furniture- bed and desk). That's about 3,500 Thai Baht monthly. Mom's sits on a lot where their old house used to sit. So this type of apartment fits in a normal lot of land where people would have their home.

With property taxes, regular income taxes, maintenance and whatever other "taxes" the city or local mob bosses want to collect (sarcasm...but sarcasm based in reality) will take a bite out of the bottom line, but it looks to be able to bring in enough for us to survive in our older age time of life. We won't be raking in the dough, but we will be able to put food on the table and in the dog bowl ;)

I have debated how much I wanted to share online concerning our apartment and think that, for now, just pictures of the construction will be enough. Not too many details, but something to where there is something to show progress of our project. I will put photos with basic explanations as to what stage of the construction we are in...I'm not an architect or engineer, so it will be basic (cement, floor, walkway, bathroom, pipe, rebar, etc. haha).

Until we have an official name for our apartment, I'll just label posts "Apartment" or "Apartment update" for the next five to six months.

We expect to be fully built and furnished by June or July, although construction of the foundation or whatever you wanna call the first floor has gone much quicker than contracted.

Well, wish us luck in our project. We'll need the Thai and world economy to be stable for a while so our loan rate doesn't skyrocket and so building materials don't increase too much in price. I hope whatever we share will be not too much but at the same time not too little. It is an important thing for Pae and I and we wanted to have a record of it somewhere. The blog seemed like the right place.

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