Monday, December 28, 2015

Pae and Guy Visit Apartment Construction Site

We were back home this past weekend for a wedding (Congratulations Vincent and Mai) and stopped by the apartment for fifteen minutes.
I love these big black "golf balls", haha. I had previously said that the septic tanks had been buried, but a problem with the neighbor's fence that is in danger of falling into our property caused P'Pong to decide to bury them under the parking lot instead.
It was nice to be on site to see the actual size of things and get a feel for what it looks like in real life.
Pae surveying the work on the first floor
We talked to Dad about the project and looked at the space remaining on our property which will eventually become a parking lot. I talked a lot with Mom about things that come after the construction is finished; things like wi-fi, cable television, water machines, washing machines, closed circuit tv cameras for security, etc. There's a lot of management stuff to be taken care of monthly. Aunt Noot was the first one in the family to build a small apartment. Mom kinda learned these things from Aunt Noot's experience. Now Pae and I will learn from Mom ;)
Guy, still hanging out near the big black golf balls, taking a look at the entirety of the construction to date. You can see the third floor is coming along nicely as the floor itself is already there and now preparing for the ceiling and then the roof.
Most of the workers were off on vacation for the New Year holiday.
These are going to make for some great "before and after" photos. Pae on site.
Happy New Year everybody!!


mardenheyjude said...

It is absolutely amazing to see the construction of the apartment. It is so very different when compared to the way it is done here. The way the temporary scaffolding is constructed here is steel poles arranged to accommodate wooden planks so that the workers can climb up and down the building. Once the building is done on the outside, the scaffolding is taken apart and used for the next project.
What are the size of your rooms going to be? I don't know anything much about building construction but I did watch a couple of videos on youtube showing the building of houses in Thailand and all I can say is WOW!!! I am amazed at the outcome. Those homes are never going to fall apart. I am loving these pictures of the building of your apartment. Thanks for sharing. Love always, Auntie

Pae and Guy said...

Auntie, the rooms are dorm style size; single occupant, but couples will live there also...Pae and I have done it near her university (when i first came to Thailand).

The rooms, the actual living space, are probably about 3x3 meters...I'll get exact measurements later today...the bathroom and patio add another 3x1.5 meters.

As far as construction technique...lets just say if there was ever a major earthquake here, entire cities would be leveled :(

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