Monday, December 28, 2015

Our Favorite "Nok"

I was going through some photos from Mom's iPhone and found a couple from when Mom and Dad flew on Pae's Nok Air flight.
I just thought I'd put them up here because I like them ;) I was lucky to fly on one of Pae's flights from Jordan to Thailand once, but that one was many hours. The flight in these photos was just over 45 minutes. These shorter flights are the type that Pae does now that she flies mostly domestic. The domestic routes are no longer than two hours usually...not including delays and aircraft changes.
Mom and Dad (all of us) are very proud of Pae and her career as a flight attendant up to this point. She started at a smaller local airline as a seasonal short-contract flight attendant, flew full service airlines for many years and now is a Purser for Nok Air (Nok air calls them Cabin Leaders rather than Pursers). To see her in action only adds to that feeling of pride and happiness.

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