Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Nok Air Run for Wild Animals 2015

As promised ;)

A while back, Pae's airline (Nok Air) held a race for employees and invited guests. It was an animal-themed race and each employee was allowed to invite up to three non Nok Air workers. Crew (pilots, flight attendants, pursers) and ground staff (HR, training, ticketing, ramp, etc.) were all invited but it seemed like mostly ground staff showed up to run.

The race was to benefit wild animals, conservation, etc. There was a donation box at the start of the race for anyone who wanted to donate to the cause. The participants were asked to dress up as wild animals for the 10km race. Pae and I went to look for costumes to wear or animal themed t-shirts at a local mall...
The race itself was uneventful, held at our local park called Suan Rot Fai (Railway Park) which is one of the three parks connected that I train at regularly (used to train at regularly, haha). It has a lot of trees and is mostly shaded. There are lots of bikes in the park and as the event was held on a Saturday afternoon (the hottest part of the day!), the race was crowded with recreational cyclists (parents and kids out for weekend exercise) but not as bad as it is in the evening.

There were only 66 participants in the race and many dressed up with animal hats or animal print leggings or shirts. Pae was a triple tiger...I was a zebra ;)
At the starting line
Out of 66 runners, I was the fastest to run the 10km. Funny was that when I completed my first of four laps of the 2.5km loop, the referee looked at me and yelled "No Cheating? No Cheating?" hahahahaha! I smiled and told him to tell all of the other runners to turn right at the basketball courts instead of cutting the course by running straight...I'm pretty sure all of the runners cut the course, because not many of them have run Suan Rot Fai before. I'm a pro at the park, so I know every possible turn and distance ;)
He probably didn't tell anyone that they were cutting the course, because every loop, when I came to the t-intersection where the shortcut met back up with the 2.5km loop (intended course) I'd see groups of runners coming towards me from the wrong way, staring at me as if I was running the wrong way ;)
Again, the course wasn't clear from the beginning and there was no right turn signage at that little intersection. If I wasn't a local, I'da run straight into the shortcut also, to be honest, based on the referee's instructions at the beginning ("If you come to an intersection, just go straight") He himself wasn't familiar with the 2.5km loop it seems.

The race was for fun and for a cause and there were four levels of running: 1 lap, 2 laps, 3 laps and 4 laps. It was fun at the end because they gave runners of each category a special party hat with an animal for each distance run. 2.5km got a turtle hat. 5km got a frog hat. 7.5km got a rabbit hat and 10km got a horse hat. I felt like I had just finished eating a meal at Burger King and had gotten a cardboard crown to wear ;) Nice touch by the Nok Air organizers.

Pae surprised me as I had passed her at the end of her first lap and at the end of my second lap. I figured she would stop, but she went and ran a second lap...and, she beat me as I tried and tried to catch her and finish my last two laps in the same time as she finished her second...I slowed considerably though in the super duper hot zebra costume!!

Adults were either amused or annoyed that a dude dressed like a zebra was bossing the bike paths. Kids were amazed and I heard, time and time again, "A zebra is running!!" It was fun!

Pae and I both walked away with metals and our animal hats. I got two other awards, one for getting first place and one for best costume ;)
Got a cool little horse picture frame for winning best costume ;)

I'll of course probably do it again if they hold the event next year. Usually they do badminton, football (soccer), karaoke, cycling events, etc. I was happy that Pae had mentioned this event and that we could participate together.
Top three overall (hahaha) Probably only time I'll win a race ;)

I considered wearing the zebra costume again for Ayutthaya...but after a couple weeks of jogging in the Bangkok heat and humidity prior to Ayutthaya, I realized that it would be the stupidest thing I could ever do...perhaps the last thing I ever do!!
Pae was really relieved that I came to the decision not to wear the zebra outfit. She was very patient and did not forbid me from wearing it. She didn't nag me and remind me everyday of how dangerous it would be. In fact, she just never really spoke much about it.
She just let me come to my own decision based on my running experience and understanding of myself, my body, my body in that suit and my body under certain weather conditions and running distances. I would have been an idiot to have run a marathon in Thailand in that fleece suit and I think she knew that I knew it. When I told her that I wasn't gonna run in it (only days before Ayutthaya), she opened up and said that she was glad that I wasn't stupid and that her husband wasn't gonna die in Ayutthaya ;) That's love. Haha.

Hope you enjoy the photos ;)


mardenheyjude said...

Guy and Pae:
Guy: You made my day..That is a wicked pissah super duper hot zebra costume. I love the pictures, especially the one where you are posing with your back to the camera. (Love the tail) You made a lot of kids and adults happy running in that outfit. I really enjoyed your story and the pictures. It is always nice to see Pae and Guy spending quality time together. What possessed you to even think about wearing the costume in the heat of a marathon!!!!! Thank God you came to your senses. Haha Anyway, nice to have you back blogging. Pae: Love the t-shirt and the winner's hat is adorable. What a fun day your airline had for you all and for a very good cause. It appears, by the pictures, that you both had a great time. Love always, Auntie

Pae and Guy said...

Yeah, I have my "brain in sleep mode" moments ;)

We had fun and being together is always the best.

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