Tuesday, December 22, 2015

"Foundation" and First Floor

We've been lucky so far with our contractor, P'Pong. He is a friend of P'Neung and has been very professional and helpful so far during the planning, bank details and actual updating of the construction progress. Nearly all of the photos I post for the apartment have come from him in the way of updates.
Note the "pillars" are still just a bunch of rebar all folded up together.

Pae and I are in Bangkok, but the apartment is being built back home, so we are not there on a daily basis to keep an eye on construction or to deal with problems as they arise. Mom and Dad have been doing most of that along with P'Neung.
Filling the "longy thingies", part of the foundation of the first floor, with cement

After the First Pillar Ceremony, the workers started almost immediately preparing the are for the foundation. Before that, of course, all of the cement was poured to make all of the pillars that would support the second floor.
The "forms" are secured around the rebar and prepared for the pouring of cement to form the pillars or columns

P'Pong sent photos as each little step of the first floor was underway and completed. We've been getting a few pictures  from him daily at the end of the day basically.
 It was fun to see the forms go around the rebar and then when they took the forms off there was a pillar ;)
Note that the "longy thingies" are our of their forms and solid cement now

I like looking at the way they placed plumbing pipes and stuff like that, knowing that eventually they will be covered in cement or sand or something, probably never to be seen again. Now, all of this is from a non-engineering understanding person. No construction experience other than toting dry wall to construction sites (they don't use dry wall here). So when I say "foundation" or "form" or especially "longy thingies" I really am just making up my own words ;)
Meanwhile, the septic tanks were buried and the plumbing pipes all arranged
 I have (since starting this post) done a tiny bit of research and found that there is such thing as a "wooden form" which is put around the rebar to shape the columns when the cement is poured. The "longy thingies" are in fact referred to as concrete strip "footings" on some of the construction sites I came across.

Forms removed and the pillars look great. Preparing to pour cement for the floor
Putting rebar in the bathroom side of the apartment first floor.

I like this photo because it shows the entire width of the project. Far left is what will be the walkway in front of each room. Center is where the rooms will be (about 3x3?) and the far right is the back "patio" and bathroom. You can see the plumbing coming out of the ground for toilet (big blue pipes) and the sink/drains (small blue pipes) In this photo they have poured the walkways and are working on the central portion.
Very simple, very small rooms. A family couldn't live in one comfortably, but there is a need for this small, dormitory-type housing especially considering there is a small college campus and a major mall both nearby.
 Well, that's it for the first floor preparations. It was all done quite quickly. The plan (and contract) was for 45 days, but it must have only taken 20 days total to finish, even less actually. This matters as our loan with the bank is based on construction milestones...meaning that we get partial amounts of the loan as certain milestones are met (first floor, second floor, etc.) So, if our contractor finishes early (faster than stated in the contract with contractor and between the bank and us) and the money is not available...haha, so we've had to do some legwork to try to get the bank to release the money to us so we could pay P'Pong. Smooth otherwise.


mardenheyjude said...

Guy and Pae: I am amazed at the progress being made on your property. Construction is going quickly and oh my does it look awesome to see the before and after photos (yesterday and today). What material will be used for the exterior of the building?
I reckon you both can't wait until it is all finished. This is a very smart investment in your future. Love always, Auntie

Pae and Guy said...

You know what..I'm not really sure what kind of material will be used for the exterior...I'm just assuming that it will be cement based on the construction that I see all around here in Bangkok. Homes and buildings are built a little differently here from what I've seen. No wood. All bricks and cover the bricks with cement. No drywall or sheet rock here. All cement...again, only judging from what I've seen in passing.

The contractor is currently working, with his crew, on the third floor. I think they just poured the beams and pillars are next...haven't gotten pictures yet. We will be visiting for a wedding tomorrow so will be able to see it first hand and maybe take some pictures.

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