Monday, December 28, 2015

Flora Park and Jim Thompson Farm Panoramas

Panoramic pictures get no love, so here are some that I took at Khao Yai this past week. You have to click on the photo (on a laptop at least) to get the full size photo. I think they are nice ;)
Panorama of the main garden at Flora Park
Jim Thompsom Farm, rows and rows of flowers
Fields of yellow and purple flowers

Cosmo fields separated by two rows of trees and a road for the tour trolleys. The double row of trees gave us the feeling of Nami Island in Korea...just much hotter and greener than when we visited there back in 2008 (?)
Haha, this is one of a cosmo field but the sun was so directly in my face that I used my umbrella to block the sun. So, the umbrella is in every part of the panorama. Note that panorama photos end up bending as they can be almost 180 degrees of landscape! So, the dirt road in this photo is actually straight, not bent as it appears ;) Giant fields of flowers here.

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